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NG2 PDF Viewer

An Angular component called ng2-pdf-viewer can be used to display PDF files within an application using PDF.js, an HTML5-based Portable Document Format (PDF). This viewer takes into consideration PDF format compatibility for seamless display.

ng2-pdf-viewer is an easy-to-use interface designed specifically to display PDF files within an Angular application, providing access to features like searching, panning and zooming.

An example of using the ng2-pdf-viewer can be seen here:

1. Install the ng2-pdf-viewer using NPM: Java ng2-pdf-viewer –save NPM install 2. Import PdfViewerComponent from Ng2-pdf Viewer using Python import: 3. Modify your Angular template accordingly by including this component:
See here for further info about PDF/A conversion. html [src=PDFSrc” show-toolbar=”False”]=true” page=”Page 1 of 9 “
Here, the URL or file path of our PDF file can be found within a variable called pdfSrc and bound as its src property. Additionally, we bind its page property with one that tracks current pages while setting show-toolbar to false to conceal default toolbar.

ng2-pdf-viewer offers several customization features, such as being able to adjust zoom levels, enable or disable toolbars and choose an initial page. Furthermore, there are events which allow custom behavior such as page changes to occur automatically.

Overall, ng2-pdf-viewer is an efficient PDF viewer designed specifically for use within Angular apps and is easily integrated. A must-have tool when dealing with PDFs on any platform!


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