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Provide support, bug fixing or consulting


Offer extra features and functionality


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Everything you need to start getting paid with your open source project.

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Offer one-time payments or subscriptions

Github integration

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Offer services, paid code access and licenseing

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vue tables 2

Author: Matfish (Github)
Github stars: 1.4K
Language: JS / Vue.js

Vue tables 2 is a component library for Vue.js, used for creating amazing data tables. It has been popular with Vue.js developers for the past 2 years, and has gathered quite a following.

Vue tables is GPLv3 licensed on Github, with an MIT licensed version available for purchase on xs:code.

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Frequently asked questions

Using xs:code is completely free . You can set up unlimited repositories with up to 99 items per repository. When making a sale, you keep 75% of the revenue.

When making purchases on xs:code, applicable fees and taxes may be added to the item price.

Absolutly not! With xs:code, you keep your code on Github available for everyone to use – as always. xs:code allows you to offer paid items together with your free code on Github.

You choose the price for each item you offer. You can choose from one-time payment to recurring (subscription based) payment. Minimum transaction price is $5 USD.

While we encourage you to share your revenue with your contributors, you are in no way obligated to do so.

We’re working hard on adding support for more hosting services. Stay tuned!