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xs:code is a simple way to offer paid subscriptions to your open source projects. Get paid by the companies that use your code – every month.

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Meet subscription based open source

You have a great open source project. You spend your time and talent building and maintaining it. People are using it. That’s awesome!

But, no one is paying for your work – not even the companies that use it to make a profit. That’s not fair, or sustainable.

With xs:code, you can offer subscription based access to your code, to companies that use it commercially – while keeping it free and open source for the benefit of the community.



With xs:code you offer paid subscriptions for accessing a separate version of your code that cannot be found anywhere else.  You can decide how the paid version is different from the free version, using one of our monetization paths.

Monetization paths

Choose the option that works best for your project.

1. Dual licensing

The exact same code – with two different licenses.

Offer a free, GPL licensed version on Github, and the same code with an MIT license on xs:code. Companies who need an MIT license, need to buy a subscription. Everyone else can use the GPL licensed version for free.

2. Freemium

Two sets of code – A Free “Lite” version and paid “Pro” Version.

Keep a free “lite” version for free on Github, and a paid “pro” version on xs:code. The “Pro” version can offer more features, better support or whatever you decide. The “lite”version remains free, and the “Pro” version requires a subscription.

3. Open source Freemium

The Hybrid approach – Two sets of code – Two licenses.

The best of both worlds. Keep a “Pro” GPL licensed version for free on Github, and an “Pro” MIT version on xs:code. This way your “Pro” version remains open source, and only companies who need an MIT license need to buy a subscription.

open source Licenses 101

permissive license (Such as MIT, BSD or Apache 2.0) allows you to do pretty much anything you like with the source code, including using, modifying and distributing it. It’s counterpart, is called a copyleft license (Such as the GPL license). Using GPL licensed code in a software project – requires that the entire project need to become GPL licensed as well. That means the entire project must become open source, which is usually not viable for most companies.


Connect a private repository with your code to xs:code, set your price, start selling. It’s that easy.

We handle everything – billing, invoicing, legal, even paying your contributors! You just focus on writing great code.

Connect your repository

Create a private repository with the version you'd like to sell and connect it to xs:code via our Github app.


Your paid version of the code needs to have a permissive license. Choose from MIT, BSD, Apache 2.0 and more.

Set your price

You decide how much you'd like to charge for accessing your repository. Prices start at $5/month.

Start selling

Let everyone know your code is now available on xs:code. Need help promoting your project? Keep reading.

We help you promote your project

We are here to help you take your project to the next level and get more paying users. Need some graphic design work? Help with marketing? How about promoting it on Google? Our community team is here to make your project more visible – free of charge. Just talk to a community expert and they’ll do their best to boost your project to the stars.

Graphic design & UI

Need some UI elements designed? Maybe a short promo video? A landing page? We got you covered.


Get your project on the top of search results. We will create PPC campaigns for you - for free.


Talk to our marketing experts for advice on how to get your project to the right companies.


Get help with writing, polishing and finding you the best technical writers around.


Get showcased on our newsletters, website and social pages. Get the exposure your project deserves.


Need anything else? Talk to our community experts and they will be happy to help.

1:1 VS 1:n

Your day job as a developer usually pays you at a 1:1 ratio: That means that 1 hour’s work equals 1 hour’s pay. With xs:code, you become compensated at a 1:n ratio:1 hour’s work can equal n subscriptions. That pay every month!

If you have a popular project, the revenue your project generates can buy a lot of resources to help you focus on the projects you love. 

No strings attached

“But if I get paid, I have to do what my users tell me!”.

Nope. Getting paid for your code does not mean you are committed, legally or otherwise to do as your users ask. It’s up to you to decide if and how to accommodate any requests. Just keep in mind – if you want your users to keep paying, do your best to be the best.

Contributors matter

Your contributors help make your code better. They deserve recognition too! When your project starts generating revenue, xs:code allows you to share it with your contributors, automatically. You decide with whom and how much, and we handle the rest.

contributors matter


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Frequently asked questions

You can choose one of our approved permissive licenses when selling subscriptions. You can keep your free version of your code with any license you’d like.

While there will always be pirates, and people trying to cut corners – companies using your code commerically will likely opt to pay, in order to get the latest version of your code, with license they need, on an ongoing basis. As long as you keep updating and maintaining your code – companies have an incentive to keep paying.

No. Your only commitment to your subscribers is to make your code available with a permissive license. Everything else is up to you.

While we encourage you to share your revenue with your contributors, you are in no way obligated to do so.

We’re working hard on adding support for more hosting services. Stay tuned!

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