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xs:code is a monetization platform for open source projects. Offer paid subscriptions to access your code, while keeping it open source.

Get started in minutes. Select your monetization model, import your repository, and share your revenue with your contributors.



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With xs:code, you offer a paid version of your code on a separate repository.
A monetization model is the way you provide added value to your paid version.

Create YOUR PAID repository

Set up your paid version in a private repository directly on your
Github account, and use our app to import it to xs:code.

Your paying users will get a unique url to access your code.

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Your contributors matter!
Set up a team and  share your revenue with your contributors.

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Your code remains open source

We believe open source projects should remain open source.

By offering your code on both free and paid repositories, you ensure that your project is kept free (as in freedom) while allowing you to monetize your hard work.

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Open source statistics

1 %

Rely on open source components for mission critical-tasks.

1 %
of Companies worldwide

Run on open source software.

1 %
of OSS developers

Responded that financial compensation would motivate them to maintain their OS projects.

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Why should anyone pay you?

Companies that use open source components, rely on projects like yours. They need the projects they use to be bug-free, kept up to date and generally have someone motivated behind them. It’s just good investment.

With xs:code, you create a win-win relationship with your paying users. You win by getting the resources you need to make your project better, and they win by having a motivated developer who looks after the code they use.

What's in it for us?

As a developer, using xs:code is completely free. We see developers as our partners, and our goal is for them to succeed. We handle everything for you – billing, payment processing, invoices and everything needed to start offering subscriptions to your code.

Once your projects start generating revenue from subscriptions, we will retain a 25% commission on the actual revenue generated by your projects.

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Frequently asked questions

xs:code gives you the power to require payment for using your paid version. Donations are not mandatory, and people can just decide if, and how much to donate. By offering another repository with added features, or another license, you provide your users with something they need to pay for if they want to use access that repository and use that code.

As long as you keep updating and maintaining your code, you provide your subscribers with an incentive to keep paying. 
True, there will always be pirates, but companies using your code commercially have a great reason to pay you, in order to get the latest version of your code, with license they need, on an ongoing basis.

Absolutly not! With xs:code, you still keep a public version of your code on Github available for everyone to use. You just keep another, private repository with another version of your code that offers something your public version does not, such as a different license, more features and more.

No. Your only commitment to your subscribers is to make your code available with the license or features you advertise on xs:code, depending on the monetization model you chose. Anything else is up to you.

While we encourage you to share your revenue with your contributors, you are in no way obligated to do so.

We’re working hard on adding support for more hosting services. Stay tuned!


Decide the best model for your project, create value, get paid.

xs:code works by allowing paying users to access a private repository you keep on Github.

The first step, is deciding how your public and private repositories will be different. The version of code you keep under your private repository, should give value beyond what you offer for free on the public repository.

The way you separate your paid and free versions, is called a monetization model.
Here are some popular models:

With dual licensing, you assign a Copyleft license to your free, public code, and assign a Permissive license to your paid version. The code in both is exactly the same. If a company wants to use you code for commercial purposes, they will need to subscribe to your repository on xs:code. Anyone interested in the copyleft version, can still get it for free on Github.
As your code remains open-source, you can still accept contributions as always, but you might need to ask your contributors to sign a CLA before accepting their contributions. 

Not sure which license to choose? Don’t know what a CLA is? Need some more information about licensing? check out our Dual licensing guide or contact our community team at [email protected]

Open-core, means that your paid version offers functionality, features or updates not included with the public repository. This can be update frequency  (updating the paid version more frequently) or features the paid version includes which are not included in the public repository.

Using open-core can limit your ability to accept code contributions. Consult our Open-core guide to learn how you can still accept code contributions while using this model.

If you’re ready for a higher level of commitment to your users, you can offer your paying users other services that are more than just your code. These services might include:

Support : You may offer support as a service, such as a 48 hour response time, or 5 monthly support hours.

Paid hosting: You can offer to host and run your code on a dedicated server, and charge for hosting, storage and more.

Customization: You may provide a degree of customization of your code on demand.

Integration services: You may offer paid integration services, offering to help with integrating your code with users.

Note that by offering value added services, you must specify exactly what you intend to offer, and agree to provide the services offered on a timely fashion. 

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Create your paid repository

Set up your paid version on a private repository and import it using our Github app.

In order to start selling subscriptions, you’ll need to create a private repository on Github that will contain the paid version of your code.

Just create a new private repository and clone your code there. Depending on your monetization model, you might need to make sure the code in your private repository is compatible with what you are offering.

Make sure that the of your private repository properly reflects what you are selling, as that file will be presented to your paying users on xs:code.

For more information on what to add to your file, please refer to the promoting your project guide.

money from open source


Decide how much to charge for monthly subscriptions to access your repository.

Deciding how much to charge for your code can seem challenging, but in reality it’s really simple. Starting at a minimum of $5 per month, you can set any price you want.

Bear in mind that the higher you set your monthly price, the less likely your clients are to subscribe to your repository. When you’re just starting out with monetizing your repository, we suggest you start with a low price point, and start getting feedback from your users.  You can change your repository subscription price at any time (the new price will apply only to new subscribers).

Need help with pricing? Contact our community team at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist.

key for success with open source


Set up a team and share your revenue with your contributors.

Code contributions are some of the best elements in open source. Developers contributing code to your project are working hard, and should be compensated as well.

As the owner of a repository, you can create a team around your project, and share your revenue with them. Simply invite your contributors to xs:code, set the revenue share percentage for each team member, and xs:code does the rest.



Let everyone know your project is on xs:code and start generating revenue.

After your project has been setup on xs:code, it’s time to start monetizing.

Use our promotion guide for notifying your existing and future users, that your project now offers subscription based access. Be sure to include how your paid and free versions differ and what is the value proposition you are offering with your paid version.

Need help with promoting your project? Our community team is here to help at [email protected]