Turn your open source project into a steady revenue stream.

With xs:code, you offer added value to your code and get paid for it.

What can you offer?

Your code. Your choice.
Choose what added value you want to offer with your code.


Offer extra features and functionality


Give another license for using your code


Provide support, customization or other services

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Learn how to start getting paid with your open source project on xs:code.

How it works

Get Started in Minutes.

1. Decide what you want to offer

Create a private repository on your Github account with the features, the license or a list of services you want to offer. Check our how-to guides to get started.


A payment page is instantly created for your code. Only when a user pays, he gets access to a unique url to access your code with git or npm. More package manager support coming soon.

3. Set a subscription price

xs:code lets you offer your project as a subscription. Set how much you want to charge every month for accessing it. The more you maintain your project, the more reason users have to subscribe.

4. Start selling

Let everyone know your project is available for purchase. Use your readme file, social media and anywhere else you can. Need help with promoting and marketing your project? We're here to help.

Open source as a subscription

A new approach to open source monetization

With xs:code, you offer your code with a subscription based model, where your users buy a monthly subscription to access your code. As long as you keep updating, improving, and maintaining your code, your users will have the incentive to keep paying, providing you with a steady stream of revenue.


Everything you need to start getting paid with your open source project.

Instant paywall

Start accepting payments in minutes

Github integration

Continue developing on Github as usual, sell with xs:code

Revenue sharing

Share your revenue with your team or contributors

Project promotion

We help with marketing your project

featured projects

Check out projects already using xs:code to generate revenue.

vue tables 2

Author: Matfish (Github)
Github stars: 1.3K
Language: JS / Vue.js

Vue tables 2 is a component library for Vue.js, used for creating amazing data tables. It has been popular with Vue.js developers for the past 2 years, and has gathered quite a following.

Using xs:code, it is now offered under the ‘dual licensing’ model: an MIT licensed version is available on xs:code, while a GPLv3 licensed version available for free on Github.

Visit the Vue tables 2 website.

What's in it for us?

Using xs:code is completely free. You don’t even have to enter a credit card.

We provide you with everything you need to start getting paid for your work – your own project page, instant credit card processing, automatic invoices, and a dedicated project marketing team. Once your project starts making money, we charge a 25% commission from your actual revenue. If you don’t make money, so don’t we.

How will it look like
to your users?

Your project remains open source and free on Github.
After you import your private repository, a public page is created for it, where users can subscribe to your project using a credit card.
Your public page will look like this:

After your project is ready on xs:code, share the link to your project page on your public Github readme, on social media, on blogs – anywhere you want. A “subscribe” button on your project page will lead users to a payment page. After payment, they will receive a unique URL with an access token, so they can access your code, license or services, that looks like this:

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Get started now

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Frequently asked questions

xs:code gives you the power to require payment for using your paid version. Donations are not mandatory, and people can just decide if, and how much to donate. By offering another repository with added features,  another license or added services, you provide your users with added value that’s worth paying for.

Absolutly not! With xs:code, you still keep a public version of your code on Github available for everyone to use. You just keep another, private repository with another version of your code that offers something your public version does not, such as a different license, more features and more.

No. Your only commitment to your subscribers is to make your code available with the license or features you advertise on xs:code, depending on the monetization model you chose. Anything else is up to you.

While we encourage you to share your revenue with your contributors, you are in no way obligated to do so.

We’re working hard on adding support for more hosting services. Stay tuned!