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Javascript Obfuscator

One program used to obscure JavaScript code is JavaScript Obfuscator, while code obscuration refers to making your code difficult or impossible for someone else to decipher and reverse-engineer. While code obscuration makes copying or changing without your knowledge more challenging, there is no inherent security benefit from doing this.

JavaScript Obfuscator generates an obfuscated version of a JavaScript file as its output by changing variable and function names, stripping comments from whitespace lines, removing whitespace lines between code blocks, as well as other methods used to obfuscate it.

JavaScript Obfuscator gives you several ways to customize its obfuscation process. For instance, using –compact will remove all whitespace and comments; –mangle will replace variable and function names with meaningless short ones.

JavaScript Obfuscator’s advanced obfuscation features include string encryption, control flow obfuscation and dead code injection capabilities as well as plugin support for additional obfuscation techniques like string encryption, control flow obfuscation and dead code injection. It offers numerous plugin options as well.

Although JavaScript Obfuscator may make reverse engineering of your code more challenging, it should never replace or act in lieu of proper security protocols, including authorization, authentication and encryption – rather it should serve as an add-on step in an already secure infrastructure.

Note, too, that obfuscation can impede maintenance and debugging efforts – use sparingly only when absolutely required!


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