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Phantomas is an advanced web performance testing utility written solely in JavaScript that gives comprehensive performance statistics of websites without graphic user interfaces. Phantomas runs solely with Node.js runtime environment for optimal operation and operates without visual interface.

Phantomas provides you with tools to measure load time, page size and request count among other metrics in order to assess the performance of your website. Furthermore, its set of rules detect common performance problems like duplicate requests, HTTP status codes or resource blocking issues that could hamper its efficiency.

Phantomas offers many advantages, most importantly its ease of use and usability. It provides an accessible command-line interface for performance testing that may also be installed globally using NPM, while offering customisation through configuration files enabling you to define various performance testing settings and rules.

Phantomas can help automate performance testing as part of a continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline by working alongside tools like Jenkins or Grunt. Regular performance tests ensure your website loads faster, functions optimally and gives visitors an enhanced user experience.


  • modular approach – each metric is generated by a separate “module”
  • phantomas “core” acts as an events emitter that each module can hook into
  • in-depth metrics such as: number of events bound via jQuery, calls to
    or complex and duplicated CSS selectors (via analyze-css)
  • JSON and CSV as available output formats for easy integration with automated reporting / monitoring tools
  • easy integration with Continuous Integration tools via TAP format and assertions handling
  • metrics can be sent via StatsD or stored in elasticsearch
  • easy integration with other nodejs projects via CommonJS module (see API docs)
  • metrics can be emitted from JavaScript code of the page phantomas is run against (thanks to helper functions available in window.__phantomas)
  • device profiles allow phantomas to emulate mobile or tablet (by setting a proper user agent and viewport)

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