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Make HTTP requests in Elm

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Make HTTP requests in Elm. Talk to servers.

I very highly recommend reading through The Official Guide to understand how to use this package!


Here are some commands you might create to send HTTP requests with this package:

import Http
import Json.Decode as D

type Msg = GotBook (Result Http.Error String) | GotItems (Result Http.Error (List String))

getBook : Cmd Msg getBook = Http.get { url = "" , expect = Http.expectString GotBook }

fetchItems : Cmd Msg fetchItems = { url = "" , body = Http.emptyBody , expect = Http.expectJson GotItems (D.list (D.field "name" D.string)) }

But again, to really understand what is going on here, read through The Official Guide. It has sections describing how HTTP works and how to use it with JSON data. Reading through will take less time overall than trying to figure everything out by trial and error!

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