Sell products and services based on your Github repository.
It takes minutes to set up - and free.

Your code - your choice. You decide what to sell:


Companies using your code need your help.

Offer paid support, bug fixing, ongoing maintanance, customizations and integrations.

Learn how to offer services with xs:code

Paid code versions

Open source doesn’t have to be free of charge.

Offer premium versions of your code on a private repository only available to paying users as a subscription.

Learn how to offer code versions with xs:code


Open source licenses are a powerful tool - for developers!

Use simple Dual Licensing to offer one license to paying users, and another to free users.

Learn how to offer paid licenses with xs:code

Everything you need to start selling - now.

Instant Payments

Start accepting payments in minutes. Offer one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.

Github Integration

Don’t change your workflow. Continue developing on Github as usual, sell on xs:code.

Built-in revenue sharing

Working with contributors? Great! Share your revenue with the community or your dedicated team.

Trusted Payout

Get secure and reliable payouts with Payoneer’s industry leading and robust payments solution.


Using xs:code is completely free. You can set up unlimited repositories with up to 99 items per repository. When making a sale, you keep 75% of the revenue. When making purchases on xs:code, applicable fees and taxes may be added to the item price.

Absolutly not! With xs:code, you keep your code on Github available for everyone to use – as always. xs:code allows you to offer paid items together with your free code on Github.

No. You can sell items on xs:code as an individual and do not need to incorporate. However, depending on where you live, you will need to comply with local tax rules and regulation.

While we strongly advise to share your revenue with your contributors, you are in no way obligated to do so.

Yes. If the developer has decided to grant you access to a repository with an MIT license, you can use it under the terms of that license. However - the license is valid ONLY for the version you downloaded - not for future versions. When a new code update is released, you will need to re-download the code with the license to be able to use the most recent code version.

You choose the price for each item you offer. You can choose from one-time payment to recurring (subscription based) payment. Minimum transaction price is $5 USD.

We're working hard on adding support for more hosting services. Stay tuned!

We use Payoneer's robust and secure payout platform for transferring funds to your account. Read more about Payoneer at

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