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A powerful rendering engine which providing Canvas and SVG draw for G2 & G6

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  • A powerful rendering engine for AntV providing canvas and svg draw.

✨ Features

  • Powerful and scalable rendering capability with built-in basic Graphics.
  • Excellent rendering performance and supports visualization scenarios with large amounts of data.
  • Complete simulation of browser DOM events, and no difference from native events.
  • Smooth animation implementation and rich configuration interfaces.
  • While providing Canvas and SVG version of implementation, and both of API basic consistent.

📦 Install

# Canvas version
$ npm install @antv/g-canvas --save

SVG version

$ npm install @antv/g-svg --save

🔨 Usage

import { Canvas } from '@antv/g-canvas';
// or use SVG version
// import { Canvas } from '@antv/g-svg';

const canvas = new Canvas({ container: 'c1', width: 500, height: 500, });

const group = canvas.addGroup(); group.addShape('circle', { attrs: { x: 100, y: 100, r: 50, fill: 'red', stroke: 'blue', lineWidth: 5, }, });

⌨️ Development

$ git clone [email protected]:antvis/g.git
$ cd g
$ npm install
$ npm run bootstrap
$ npm run build

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