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Before uploading photos to their server, users of the “PixImagePicker” web-based image editor and file uploader can utilize its user-friendly features such as selecting, cropping, resizing and rotating them prior to transferring files over. With its HTML, CSS and JavaScript architecture it often finds use within web development projects requiring image editing functionality.

PixImagePicker’s user-friendly interface for choosing and editing photos allows them to crop, resize, rotate, drag-and-drop file uploads with upload progress feedback as they go.

PixImagePicker boasts many advantages, most importantly its ease of use and integration into websites through just one line of HTML code. Other customization features supported include changing image editing settings, adding buttons that correspond with content or changing colors schemes.

PixImagePicker can be utilized across a range of use cases, from social media and content management systems to e-commerce websites where users must upload or modify photos as part of the process. Available as an open-source project on GitHub.


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