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We started xs:code with one goal in mind – empowering developers on both sides of the equation. Both open source developers, and developers who use open-source when developing for companies and R&D teams. We truly believe that creating a sustainable way to develop and use open source, is a mutual interest of developers, and commercial companies alike.

After spending months listening to the hearts of developers, companies and members of the open source community and realizing their challenges, we have developed what we believe to be a fair, simple, and clear way ensure developers are compensated for their open source work and companies get access to better, frequently maintained code – all while keeping the code open and free for the benefit of the open source community.

why we started xs:code

Read a blog post from our CEO, on why we started xs:code and how we see the future.


Meet our management team. We are passionate about making open source sustainable, fair, and fun!

Netanel Mohoni

Netanel Mohoni

Founder & CEO

Chen Ravid

Chen D. Ravid


Dekel Kan

Dekel Kan


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