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Development Environment

A collection of tools to make working with the numerous software components as painless as possible.

If there's a task that annoys you when working with the code, open an issue to suggest an improvement. Or, better, send a pull request to get your automation included in the project.

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| Component | master status | |---------------|:-------------:| | asterisk | Build Status | | asterisk-config | Build Status | | liba53 | Build Status | | libcoredumper | Build Status | | libsqliteodbc | Build Status | | libzmq | Build Status | | openbts | Build Status | | smqueue | Build Status | | subscriberRegistry | Build Status | | system-config | Build Status |

Misc. Notes

  • relink submodule branch tracking
$ vi .gitmodules
(change submodule to track different branch X)
$ git submodule update --init --remote
$ cd theSubmoduleDir
$ git checkout X

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