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Vim Inspired Electron Browser - Vim bindings for the web by design

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Vim bindings for the web by design

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Vieb is the Vim Inspired Electron Browser

Homepage - Download - Changelog - FAQ

Vieb is pronounced like "deep" with a "v" and rhymes with sheep


  • Free, open source, fast and secure
  • Local first adblocking, auto-complete, AMP protection, custom redirects and more, all without web requests
  • Privacy with strict permission system, navigator overrides, firefox mode, custom WebRTC policy and more
  • Accessible with custom themes, full interface & fontsize scaling, page zooming, spellcheck and mouse support
  • Security settings with permissions, cache usage, cookie management, (auto-)download settings and more
  • Window splitting with buffer, split, Vexplore and Ctrl-w bindings, for multi-window browsing
  • Map commands for completely custom keyboard sequences, keystrokes, commands and actions
  • Viebrc config file for all custom/Vim/Vieb commands to configure settings permanently
  • Set command for runtime setting configuration exactly like Vim
  • Vim-compatible options: showcmd, timeout, colorscheme, maxmapdepth, spelllang, splitright, smartcase etc.
  • Container tabs with colored grouping, auto-clearing, individual cookies and tab restore from containers
  • Ad-blocker with cosmetic filtering, optional updater, custom lists and uses easylist/easyprivacy by default
  • Tabs including audio indicator, a toggle for multi-line tabs, pinned tabs, muted tabs and suspended tabs
  • Offline help documentation always available upon pressing F1
  • And much, much more


  • Normal: Plenty of movement and switch options, most of them available by pressing a single key
  • Command: Access more complex functionality by entering commands with auto-completion
  • Explore: Enter a search (orange), navigate to websites (cyan) or browse files (yellow) with auto-completion
  • Follow: Simulate click events on urls, buttons, input fields and more
  • Search: Enter a search string and easily jump to next and previous matches
  • Pointer: Move a simulated cursor using the keyboard and execute clicks, hovers, image downloads and more
  • Visual: Select (and optionally copy) any text on the page using familiar Vim bindings
  • Insert: Regular interaction with the webpage, mostly used for typing text


at any time when using Vieb to find out more, or check the full list of Vieb's capabilities on the website.


More screenshots


With the "erwic" startup option, you can "Easily Run Websites In Containers". The purpose of this option is similar to programs such as Franz, Ferdi or Rambox. It can also replace other Electron-based desktop apps such as Slack or Discord. These instances of Vieb can run separately from your existing Vieb. See for usage and details.


There are many ways to download and install Vieb. Besides running from source or making your own builds, these are the main sources to download Vieb. For startup help, see the frequently asked questions.

The official Vieb website, where you can download the latest stable release for many platforms.


The same releases that are offered on, but with release notes and previous versions listed.


These releases are made by users just like you for their favorite system. Third-party releases might be outdated (in red) or customized compared to official builds, but they are probably the simplest way to get started if your system is listed.

Third-party releases table


Quickly get an overview of the default mappings and basic usage.



You can help by reporting issues and suggesting new features on the Github issue tracker. Another way to help is by supporting Jelmerro on ko-fi or github. Donating is completely optional because Vieb will always be free and open source. If you know how to write Electron applications, you can also help by writing code. Check the 'help wanted' issues for suggestions on what to work on. Please try to follow these guidelines while working on Vieb:

  • Use Vim to edit :)
  • Follow the included eslint style guide
  • Use editorconfig for indentation

For an example vimrc that is configured to use these tools, you can check out my personal vimrc.


To create your own builds or run Vieb from source, you need to install Node.js. The next step is to clone the repository or download the source code. After downloading, make sure you are in the cloned/extracted Vieb folder and run:

npm ci
npm start

If this runs Vieb as expected, you can generate builds for your platform with

npm run build
. To see the full list of run and build options, simply execute
npm run
. The entire configuration for what to build is stored in the
config file.


Vieb is created by Jelmer van Arnhem and contributors. See the source files for individual authors.

You can copy or modify the code/program under the terms of the GPL3.0 or later versions. For more information and legal terms, see the LICENSE file.

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