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Must read research papers and links to tools and datasets that are related to using machine learning for compilers and systems optimisation

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Awesome machine learning for compilers and program optimisation

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A curated list of awesome research papers, datasets, and tools for applying machine learning techniques to compilers and program optimisation.




Iterative Compilation and Compiler Option Tuning

Instruction-level Optimisation

Auto-tuning and Design Space Exploration

Parallelism Mapping and Task Scheduling

Domain-specific Optimisation

Languages and Compilation

Code Size Reduction

Cost and Performance Models

Learning Program Representation

Enabling ML in Compilers


Talks and Tutorials


  • programl - LLVM and XLA IR program representation for machine learning (paper).
  • NeuroVectorizer - Using deep reinforcement learning (RL) to predict optimal vectorization compiler pragmas (paper).
  • TVM - Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators (paper; slides).
  • clgen - Benchmark generator using LSTMs (paper; slides).
  • COBAYN - Compiler Autotuning using BNs (paper).
  • OpenTuner - Framework for building domain-specific multi-objective program autotuners (paper; slides)

Benchmarks and Datasets

  • ANGHABENCH - A suite with One Million Compilable C Benchmarks (paper)
  • BHive - A Benchmark Suite and Measurement Framework for Validating x86-64 Basic Block Performance Models (paper).
  • cBench - 32 C benchmarks with datasets and driver scripts.
  • PolyBench - Dataset - Multiple datasets for Polybench (paper)
  • PolyBench - 31 Stencil and Linear-algebra benchmarks with datasets and driver scripts.
  • PolyBench - Original - 30 Stencil and Linear-algebra benchmarks with datasets and driver scripts.
  • DeepDataFlow - 469k LLVM-IR files and 8.6B data-flow analysis labels for classification (paper).
  • devmap - 650 OpenCL benchmark features and CPU/GPU classification labels (paper; slides).



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