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The first Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template

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Voler is a Admin Dashboard Template that can help you develop faster. Made with Bootstrap 5 Alpha. No jQuery dependency.

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Voler dashboard


  1. Clone this repository.
    git clone
  2. Open
    in browser.

New Bootstrap 5 Template

I have created another Bootstrap 5 dashboard template, Mazer Dashboard Template. Click here to take a look to the repository.

🤔 What is a voler?

the voler template is an admin dashboard template that has an attractive beauty and a lot of features in it

🎉 Why was it made Open Source?

I want this template to be used by many people and useful for people And hopefully this template is useful and can make learning for us all

🤨 What features are available at voler?

  • This template is responsive
  • This template is made with bootstrap 5 beta, css and so on
  • This template has many features in it
  • This template is perfect for your website projects
  • And there are many other features and we don't mention them one by one


You can open the demo here


  • Fork it ( )
  • Create your feature branch (
    git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Commit your changes (
    git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch (
    git push origin my-new-feature
  • Create a new Pull Request


  • If you want to make some changes in the CSS style. Don't edit the
    file, use the SCSS file instead.
  • Since we use Nunjucks, if you want to make changes to the HTML structure, make sure you change the source file (Nunjucks) located in

🧑 Author

👤 Ahmad Saugi. - Github : @zuramai

🧑 Support me at :

📝 License

  • Copyright © 2020 Voler
  • Voler is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

Made with ❤️ by Voler

This repository is currently unavailable

Check out my new template:


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