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Simple and easy way to deal with CoordinatorLayout Behavior

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Simple View Behavior for Android CoordinatorLayout.

This library provide you easy ways to config and setup the view behavior without creating subclass of Behavior


compile 'com.zoonref:simple-view-behavior:1.0'


You can setup behavior effect by using only xml option.

  1. set the layout behavior to this library class
  2. set the dependency view by specify resource id by
    app:dependsOn="@+id/{your view id}"
  3. set the type of dependency
  4. set the dependency view target value according to the type you choose
  5. set the target appearance that you want your view to animate to

There are two ways to specify the animation when the dependency view changed.

1. xml

This View will depend on the

positon of
which is AppBarLayout. View will animation from current state of AppBarLayout until y position of AppBarLayout is
with the animation, View will animate alpha to
rotate x to

Don't forget to add


The output will be

2. view animation resource file

When you use animation, all of animate target option from xml will be ignored.

for example


The output will be


You can see all available option at attrs.xml


Amornchai Kanokpullwad, @zoonref


simple-view-behavior is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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