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Coroutine I/O for Rust

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Coroutine I/O

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Coroutine scheduling with work-stealing algorithm.

WARN: Possibly crash because of TLS inline, check for more detail!


  • Non-blocking I/O
  • Work-stealing coroutine scheduling
  • Asynchronous computing APIs


Note: You must use Nightly Rust to build this Project.

git = ""

Basic Coroutines

extern crate coio;

use coio::Scheduler;

fn main() { Scheduler::new() .run(|| { for _ in 0..10 { println!("Heil Hydra"); Scheduler::sched(); // Yields the current coroutine } }) .unwrap(); }

TCP Echo Server

extern crate coio;

use std::io::{Read, Write};

use coio::net::TcpListener; use coio::{spawn, Scheduler};

fn main() { // Spawn a coroutine for accepting new connections Scheduler::new().with_workers(4).run(move|| { let acceptor = TcpListener::bind("").unwrap(); println!("Waiting for connection ...");

    for stream in acceptor.incoming() {
        let (mut stream, addr) = stream.unwrap();

        println!("Got connection from {:?}", addr);

        // Spawn a new coroutine to handle the connection
        spawn(move|| {
            let mut buf = [0; 1024];

            loop {
                match buf) {
                    Ok(0) => {
                    Ok(len) => {
                        println!("Read {} bytes, echo back", len);
                    Err(err) => {
                        println!("Error occurs: {:?}", err);

            println!("Client closed");


Exit the main function

Will cause all pending coroutines to be killed.

extern crate coio;

use std::sync::Arc; use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicUsize, Ordering}; use std::time::Duration;

use coio::Scheduler;

fn main() { let counter = Arc::new(AtomicUsize::new(0)); let cloned_counter = counter.clone();

let result = Scheduler::new().run(move|| {
    // Spawn a new coroutine
    Scheduler::spawn(move|| {
        struct Guard(Arc<atomicusize>);

        impl Drop for Guard {
            fn drop(&amp;mut self) {
      , Ordering::SeqCst);

        // If the _guard is dropped, it will store 1 to the counter
        let _guard = Guard(cloned_counter);

        println!("Not going to run this line");

    // Exit right now, which will cause the coroutine to be destroyed.
    panic!("Exit right now!!");

// The coroutine's stack is unwound properly
assert!(result.is_err() &amp;&amp; counter.load(Ordering::SeqCst) == 1);


Basic Benchmarks

See benchmarks for more details.

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