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Allow multiple clients to edit a single file on-line

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  • togetherly.el

allow multiple clients to edit a single buffer on-line


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** Usage

  • As a server:
  1. Open a buffer you want to share.

  2. Call =M-x togetherly-server-start= and set IP address / port to listen to.

  3. Call =M-x togetherly-server-close= when finished.

If you want to share another buffer with the same members, call =M-x togetherly-server-start= again in that buffer (without closing the server).

  • As a client:
  1. Call =M-x togetherly-client-start= and input IP address / port you want to login to.

  2. Kill =Togetherly= buffer when finished.

** Limitations

  • =togetherly.el= does not support multiple servers / client per a single Emacs instance (for now).

  • =togetherly.el= is not secure at all (for now) so you should not share secret documents.

** Bug reporting

Before reporting "conenction error" bugs, PLEASE DO :

  • confirm that the IP address is reachable (try =ping =)

  • check that your firewall setting permits Emacs to use the port

  • confirm that simpler servers work fine ([[][EmacsEchoServer]] for example)

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