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一款优雅的UWP文件管理器 | An elegant UWP Explorer

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UWP 应用隐私策略

前注 本声明通用于Ruofan所发布的所有 UWP 应用,下文简称“应用”。

1、免责声明 您在使用应用过程中,请遵守相关法律法规的各项规定。严禁将应用用于任何非法用途,一切因用户(主观或客观上)使用不当所带来的法律问题,开发者一概不负责。

2、网络访问 App 访问网络仅仅用于获取所需数据,不会上传任何用户文件与数据。如需要使用第三方分享平台(如微博、微信等)发布信息,应用所收集的内容只用于传递给第三方平台 API 使用。应用不包含任何捆绑插件,也不会后台下载任何附加的安装包。

3、本地数据访问 应用可能会访问您设备上的本地文件(如打开或保存)或其他存储器上的文件(如移动硬盘、闪存卡等),但应用不会收集这些本地数据,也不会上传至任何网络中。在访问您设备上的文件时,应用会提示您做出选择,只有获得您的同意,应用才会读写这些文件。

4、无干扰内容 应用不会向您发送任何无意义的通知,不存在任何第三方的推广信息,不会在后台收集任何用户信息。

5、访问传感器 当应用需要完成某些特定功能时,可能会读取您的设备上的传感器数据(比如地理位置信息、重力加速器读数等),应用仅使用这些数据来完成特定功能,不会分享或出售给任何个体或组织。

6、多媒体设备 有些功能的应用需要访问您设备上的多媒体设备(比如摄像头、麦克风等),应用不会收集任何设备制造厂商信息,也不会记录任何设备使用过程中产生的个人信息。

7、第三方组件声明 为了完成特定功能,应用可能会调用第三方扩展组件(以下简称“组件”)。与组件关联的隐私策略的最终解析权归组件提供者所有。

8、数字墨迹与语音识别 对于您所输入的墨迹,以及书写内容的识别结果,应用仅用于完成功能需求,不会进行网络传输,您随时可以通过操作系统的应用管理功能清空数据,应用不会做任何备份与保留。如果应用提供与 Cortana(小娜)集成或辅助输入功能,需要您输入语音信息进行识别,整个识别过程皆由系统 API 完成,应用不会保留任何记录。

9、变更说明 本隐私策略一旦发生变更,会在该页面及时更新,恕不另行通知。本策略的最终解析权归开发者所有。

10、接受本策略 当您从 Windows 应用商店安装并使用应用,即表明您已同意该策略的各项声明。

Ruofan 2019 年 6 月

RX Explorer

Build Status GitHub license GitHub issues GitHub Release

An elegant UWP explorer.

The file manager can easily manage the file system, including copy, paste, cut, delete, search and other basic operations, as well as compression/decompression, Bluetooth file sharing, WIFI file sharing, audio and video file transcoding, image editing, cropping and filtering Mirror function, image transcoding, file safe, etc.

Optimized for touch screen.

Microsoft Store link:

UWP Application Privacy Policy

Pre-Notes This statement applies to all UWP applications published by Ruofan, hereinafter referred to as "applications".

  1. Disclaimer When you use the application, please abide by the relevant laws and regulations. It is strictly forbidden to use the app for any illegal purpose, and the developer is not responsible for any legal problems caused by improper use by users (subjectively or objectively).

  2. Network access App access to the network is only used to obtain the required data, and will not upload any user files and data. If you need to use a third-party sharing platform (such as Weibo, WeChat, etc.) to publish information, the content collected by the application is only used to pass it to the third-party platform API for use. The application does not contain any bundled plug-ins, nor does it download any additional installation packages in the background.

  3. Local data access The application may access local files on your device (such as opening or saving) or files on other storage (such as mobile hard drives, flash memory cards, etc.), but the application will not collect these local data or upload them to any network. When accessing files on your device, the app will prompt you to make a choice, and the app will read and write these files only with your consent.

  4. No interference content The application will not send you any meaningless notifications, there is no third-party promotional information, and will not collect any user information in the background.

  5. Access the sensor When the application needs to complete some specific functions, it may read the sensor data on your device (such as geographic location information, gravity accelerator readings, etc.). The application only uses these data to complete specific functions and will not share or sell it to anyone Individual or organization.

  6. Multimedia equipment Some functional applications need to access multimedia devices (such as cameras, microphones, etc.) on your device. The application does not collect any device manufacturer information, nor does it record any personal information generated during the use of the device.

  7. Third-party component declaration In order to complete specific functions, applications may call third-party extension components (hereinafter referred to as "components"). The final resolution right of the privacy policy associated with the component belongs to the component provider.

  8. Digital ink and voice recognition For the ink you input and the recognition results of the written content, the application is only used to complete the functional requirements and will not be transmitted over the network. You can clear the data through the application management function of the operating system at any time, and the application will not do any backup or retention. If the application provides integration with Cortana (Xiao Na) or auxiliary input function, you need to input voice information for recognition, the entire recognition process is completed by the system API, the application will not keep any records.

  9. Change description Once this privacy policy is changed, it will be updated on this page without notice. The final analysis right of this strategy belongs to the developer.

  10. Accept this strategy When you install and use the app from the Windows Store, it means that you have agreed to the statements of this policy.

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