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Solution Manual For PRML

Before the Maintext

I am now searching for suitable PhD Program. My research interests include: (1) Maching Learning and statistic methods, (2) Numerical Optimization theory, (3) Signal processing, analog circuits optimization and (4) Bayesian Inference/Optimization/Network. More detaild info can be found on my homepage.

If anyone has opening for PhD and fortunately you are interested in my research, please feel free to contact with me [email protected] or [email protected], so that I may e-mail you my cv.

The updating of solution manual is now suspendend indefinitely. I have finished Chapter1-Chapter11, and all solutions have already been uploaded online.

I have several issues which need to be addressed here: (1) I wrote this solution manual purely out of admiration and worship of PRML, and I have no will to publish this solutiona manual, (2)It is only meant to be used as personal study reference, please donnot take it for other purposes, e.g., upload to other websites or publication. (3) If it is illegal (infringing the copyright), please contact me and I will withdraw this solution maunal immediately. (4) There is actually an official solution manual published by Springer. You can find it here.


This is a Solution Manual for the famous book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.

The Manual is written in LaTex, and I ommit other files generated by Tex, so that you can only view the pdf file for solutions. This is mainly because of my concern about infringement of PRML's copyright. I will keep update the solutions as my learning process goes on.

There are some problems that I am not sure, which have been marked by "Waiting for update" in the solution manual. If you want to provide a solution for these unsolving problems, have any question, or come up with better ideas about any problem in the manual, please feel free to contact with me [email protected] or [email protected]

Update List

Sep 22,2018

Hooray! Currently, I have finished all the solutions in Chapter 1-6 and already upload it online.

Oct 23,2018

Hooray! Currently, I have finished all the solutions before Chapter 7(included). However, the update process may be suspended lately because of the heavy workload of my lab projects.

Nov 26,2018

Hooray! Currently, I have (partly) finished chapter 8. Starting from section 8.4.4, I have found that many equations in the book are quite different from what I derive. Therefore, the corresponding exercises (8.19-8.29) are left behind.

Dec 24,2018

Hooray! Currently, I have finished chapter 9. It is a good day today. Merry Christmas!

Jan 31,2019

Currently, I have finished all the problems before Problem 10.26. However, I may suspend updating the solution manual due to several personal reasons.

Feb 19,2019

I have got back to update the solution manual.

Mar 5,2019

Hooray! Currently, I have finished chapter 10 and already upload it online.

Apr 1,2019

Hooray! Currently, I have finished chapter 11 and already upload it online. Happy Fool's Day!

Apr 10,2019

The updating is suspended indefinitely, but I will get back to it someday in the future.


  1. Special thanks to Dr.Spyridon Chavlis, from IMBB, FORTH (E-mail: [email protected]). He provides an analytical soultion on Prob 1.34, i.e., back substituting p(x) into the constraints to prove that it is a Gaussain.

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