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QT4 editor of tesseract-ocr box files

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QT Box Editor

Project homepage: zdenop.github.com/qt-box-editor

Screenshots: wiki

Download current (devel) source: tar.gz or zip.

The latest released source is qt-box-editor-v1.11.

Download win32 binary build from sourceforge.net

Licence: Apache License, Version 2.0


QT Box Editor is tool for adjusting tesseract-ocr box files. Aim of this project is to provide easy and efficient way for editing regardless file size.

Release information can be found in CHANGELOG file. Code and artwork contribution is welcomed.

QT box editor is a successor of tesseract-gui project that is not developed anymore. Name of application was changed due to name collision with project http://tesseract-gui.sourceforge.net.


License was changed from "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" to "Apache License, Version 2.0" based on agreement with Marcel Kołodziejczyk (original author). Anyway you are welcome to buy him a free beer if you meet him. He deserves it.

Faenza Icons are under GNU/GPL license. Tango Icons are Public Domain.


These icons are Faenza Icons: exit.png filesave.png fileopen.png gtk-jump-to-ltr.png help-about.png next.png previous.png textbold.png textitalic.png text_under.png window-close.png zoom-in.png zoom-fit.png zoom-original.png zoom-out.png zoom-selection.png (is modified zoom-fit.png)

import.svg is modified icon of Faenza fileopen icon.

joinRow.svg and splitRow.svg are adapted icons of lmproulx icons Convergent and Divergent

gnome-edit-find.svg is from Wikipedia.

Other icons/artwork were created for Qt Box Editor and they are released under Apache License, Version 2.0.


For Windows users there is binary a version in sourceforge.net section. From version 1.09 distribution is split to 2 part: * qt-box-editor executable (e.g. qt-box-editor-1.11.exe) - share build * qt-box-editor dependecies (e.g. qt-box-editor-1.11-dependecies.zip) - needed 3rd party libraries to run qt-box editor. There is a hope that qt-box-editor dependecies can be used for next few qt-box-editor releases.

On other platforms you need to build qt-box-editor from source. You will need QT4 (v1.11 is compatible with QT5), leptonica and tesseract.

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