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Awesome OCR

Deskewing and Dewarping

  • MORAN_v2
  • thomasjhaung/deep-learning-for-document-dewarping
  • unproject_text - Perspective recovery of text using transformed ellipses
  • unpaper - a post-processing tool for scanned sheets of paper, especially for book pages that have been scanned from previously created photocopies.
  • deskew - Library used to deskew a scanned document
  • deskewing - Contains code to deskew images using MLPs, LSTMs and LLS tranformations
  • skew_correction - De-skewing images with slanted content by finding the deviation using Canny Edge Detection.
  • page_dewarp - Page dewarping and thresholding using a "cubic sheet" model
  • text_deskewing - Rotate text images if they are not straight for better text detection and recognition.
  • galfar/deskew - Deskew is a command line tool for deskewing scanned text documents. It uses Hough transform to detect "text lines" in the image. As an output, you get an image rotated so that the lines are horizontal.
  • xellows1305/Document-Image-Dewarping - No code :(
  • Docuwarp
  • Alyn
  • DewarpNet


Line Segmentation

Character Segmentation

Word Segmentation

Document Segmentation

Form Segmentation



  • SimpleHTR - Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) system implemented with TensorFlow.
  • handwriting-ocr - OCR software for recognition of handwritten text
  • AWSLabs: handwritten text regognition for Apache MXNet
  • vloison/HandwrittenTextRecognition

Table detection

Language detection

  • lingua - The most accurate natural language detection library for Java and other JVM languages, suitable for long and short text alike
  • langdetect
  • whatthelang - Lightning Fast Language Prediction rocket
  • wiki-lang-detect

Text detection and localization

Font detection

  • typefont - The first open-source library that detects the font of a text in a image.

Optical Character Recognition Engines and Frameworks

Awesome lists

  • Awesome-Scene-Text-Recognition - A curated list of resources dedicated to scene text localization and recognition
  • awesome-deep-text-detection-recognition
  • kba/awesome-ocr
  • perfectspr/awesome-ocr
  • chongyangtao/Awesome-Scene-Text-Recognition - Papers and datasets

Proprietary OCR Engines

Cloud based OCR Engines (SaaS)

File formats and tools

  • nw-page-editor - Simple app for visual editing of Page XML files
  • hocr
  • alto
  • PageXML
  • ocr-fileformat - Validate and transform various OCR file formats
  • hocr-tools - Tools for manipulating and evaluating the hOCR format for representing multi-lingual OCR results by embedding them into HTML.


  • ICDAR datasets
  • scenetext - This is a synthetically generated dataset, in which word instances are placed in natural scene images, while taking into account the scene layout.
  • Total-Text-Dataset

Data augmentation and Synthetic data generation

Pre OCR Processing

Post OCR Correction



  • ocrodeg - a small Python library implementing document image degradation for data augmentation for handwriting recognition and OCR applications.
  • scantailor - Scan Tailor is an interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages.
  • jlsutherland/doc2text - help researchers fix these errors and extract the highest quality text from their pdfs as possible.
  • mauvilsa/nw-page-editor - Simple app for visual editing of Page XML files.
  • Transkribus - Transkribus is a comprehensive platform for the digitisation, AI-powered recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents.
  • open-semantic-search - Open Semantic Search Engine and Open Source Text Mining & Text Analytics platform (Integrates ETL for document processing, OCR for images & PDF, named entity recognition for persons, organizations & locations, metadata management by thesaurus & ontologies, search user interface & search apps for fulltext search, faceted search & knowledge graph)
  • ocrserver - A simple OCR API server, seriously easy to be deployed by Docker, on Heroku as well
  • cosc428-structor - ~1000 book pages + OpenCV + python = page regions identified as paragraphs, lines, images, captions, etc.
  • nidaba - An expandable and scalable OCR pipeline
  • OCRmyPDF

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