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A python slack exporter

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Slack Exporter

A python slack exporter

  • This is offered free of charge!
  • Feel free to donate for coffee though, it sustains me.

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The included script '' works with a provided token to export Channels, Private Channels, Direct Messages and Multi Person Messages.

This script finds all channels, private channels and direct messages that your user participates in, downloads the complete history for those converations and writes each conversation out to seperate json files.

This user centric history gathering is nice because the official slack data exporter only exports public channels.

There may be limitations on what you can export based on the paid status of your slack account.

This use of the API is blessed by Slack :

" If you want to export the contents of your own private groups and direct messages please see our API documentation."

One way to get your token is to obtain it here:


pip install slacker #
pip install pick #

Basic Usage

# Export all Channels and DMs
python --token xoxs-123...

List the Channels and DMs available for export

python --token xoxs-123... --dryRun

Prompt you to select the Channels and DMs to export

python --token xoxs-123... --prompt

Generate a file for use with slack-export-viewer

python --token xoxs-123... --zip slack_export

Selecting Conversations to Export

This script exports all Channels and DMs by default.

To export only certain conversations, use one or more of the following arguments:

  • --publicChannels [CHANNEL_NAME [CHANNEL_NAME ...]]
    \ Export Public Channels\ (optionally filtered by the given channel names)
  • --groups [GROUP_NAME [GROUP_NAME ...]]
    \ Export Private Channels and Group DMs\ (optionally filtered by the given group names)
  • --directMessages [USER_NAME [USER_NAME ...]]
    \ Export 1:1 DMs\ (optionally filtered by the given user names)
  • --prompt
    \ Prompt you to select the conversations to export\ (Any channel/group/user names specified with the other arguments take precedence.)


# Export only Public Channels
python --token xoxs-123... --publicChannels

Export only the "General" and "Random" Public Channels

python --token xoxs-123... --publicChannels General Random

Export only Private Channels and Group DMs

python --token xoxs-123... --groups

Export only the "my_private_channel" Private Channel

python --token xoxs-123... --groups my_private_channel

Export only 1:1 DMs

python --token xoxs-123... --directMessages

Export only 1:1 DMs with jane_smith and john_doe

python --token xoxs-123... --directMessages jane_smith john_doe

Export only Public/Private Channels and Group DMs (no 1:1 DMs)

python --token xoxs-123... --publicChannels --groups

Export only 1:1 DMs with jane_smith and the Public Channels you select when prompted

python --token xoxs-123... --directMessages jane_smith --publicChannels --prompt

This script is provided in an as-is state and I guarantee no updates or quality of service at this time.

Recommended related libraries

This is designed to function with 'slack-export-viewer'.

  pip install slack-export-viewer

Then you can execute the viewer as documented

slack-export-viewer -z

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