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Magento2 Bash Completion

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Magento2 Bash Completion Build Status

This plugin adds autocompletion for Magento 2 CLI Sub Commands and their Options.


Magento2 Bash Completion Screenshot

[email protected]:~$ bin/magento[TAB][TAB]
admin:user:create                        info:dependencies:show-modules-circular
admin:user:unlock                        info:language:list
bash:completion:generate                 info:timezone:list


[email protected]:~$ bin/magento setup:install --[TAB][TAB]
--admin-email                   --db-password
--admin-firstname               --db-prefix
--admin-lastname                --db-user


To use magento2 bash completion you should have installed Bash Completion. If you don't have installed bash-completion follow guides: * How to install bash-completion in Debian * How to install bash-completion in MacOSX

Installation Bash Completion

New completion commands may be placed inside the directory /etc/bashcompletion.d or inside /usr/local/etc/bashcompletion.d/magento2-bash-completion on MacOSX.


curl -o /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/magento2-bash-completion


sudo curl -o /etc/bash_completion.d/magento2-bash-completion

Don't forget reload shell or you can load new complition by next command:

[email protected]:~$ .  /etc/bash_completion.d/magento2-bash-completion

Installation Magento2 Bash Completion Extension

Magento2 Bash Completion Extension allows you generate your own bash completion list. It collects all available commands and generates a bash completion.

You can install the extension by the composer

composer require yvoronoy/magento2-bash-completion

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