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Brings physics-based smooth scrolling to the Vim world!

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Brings physics-based smooth scrolling to the Vim/Neovim world!

This is highly motivated by the lack of a plugin similar to my favorite Emacs package emacs-inertial-scroll.

Scroll with

: Scroll with `C-d`/`C-u`

Scroll with

: Scroll with `C-f`/`C-b`


This plugin depends on the timer API, which requires Vim/Neovim to be at least the following version:

  • Vim 7.4.1578 or above
  • Neovim 0.1.5 or above

However, currently, this plugin is only tested on Vim 8.0 and Neovim 0.1.7, i.e. my current development environment.


For example, with vim-plug:

Plug 'yuttie/comfortable-motion.vim'


Please note that the following mappings for

 are not ones for you if you expect they scroll a buffer just half a window.

Scrolling Method

This plugin relies on

 by default to actually scroll a window.
You can customize these keys to other combinations like 
as follows:
let g:comfortable_motion_scroll_down_key = "j"
let g:comfortable_motion_scroll_up_key = "k"

This results in:

Different scrolling method

Please note that you cannot choose complex keys consisting of multiple motions, e.g.

. This is because the current implementation prepends the number of scroll amount to the keys, e.g.
, and executes it once per simulation tick.

Keys and Mouse Wheel

By default, the following key mappings are defined.

nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(100)
nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(-100)

nnoremap :call comfortable_motion#flick(200) nnoremap :call comfortable_motion#flick(-200)

To prevent the plugin from defining those default key mappings, you can set

to 1.
let g:comfortable_motion_no_default_key_mappings = 1

Additionally, if your Vim/NeoVim has mouse support, you can get mouse wheel to scroll a window by the following mappings:

noremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(40)
noremap     :call comfortable_motion#flick(-40)

You may need to enable the

option for the above to work, for example, by
set mouse=a

Simulation Parameters

There are three configurable parameters:

  • g:comfortable_motion_interval
    [default: 1000.0 / 60]
  • g:comfortable_motion_friction
    [default: 80.0]
  • g:comfortable_motion_air_drag
    [default: 2.0]

For example, with any of the following configurations, you can get

 (with the
default impulse value of 
) to scroll a window about 25 lines, but tastes are different.

Friction & Air Resistance

let g:comfortable_motion_friction = 80.0
let g:comfortable_motion_air_drag = 2.0

Friction Only

let g:comfortable_motion_friction = 200.0
let g:comfortable_motion_air_drag = 0.0

Air Resistance Only

let g:comfortable_motion_friction = 0.0
let g:comfortable_motion_air_drag = 4.0

Advanced Configurations

If you would like to use scrolling proportional to the window height, you may use settings such as these:

let g:comfortable_motion_no_default_key_mappings = 1
let g:comfortable_motion_impulse_multiplier = 1  " Feel free to increase/decrease this value.
nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(g:comfortable_motion_impulse_multiplier * winheight(0) * 2)
nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(g:comfortable_motion_impulse_multiplier * winheight(0) * -2)
nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(g:comfortable_motion_impulse_multiplier * winheight(0) * 4)
nnoremap   :call comfortable_motion#flick(g:comfortable_motion_impulse_multiplier * winheight(0) * -4)


MIT License

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