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Minimal C/C++ language toolset for building wasm files

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NOTE: this project is archived in favor of WASI SDK.


Minimal toolset for building wasm files

Export functions

Use linker's

parameter to specify exports (with clang use
, e.g.
). The use of
__attribute__ ((visibility ("default")))
is no longer preferable way to make methods visible --
needs to be added.

Compile C file

$(WASMCEPTION)/dist/bin/clang --sysroot=$(WASMCEPTION)/sysroot/ hi.c -o hi.wasm -nostartfiles -Wl,--no-entry,--export=foo

Compile C++ file

$(WASMCEPTION)/dist/bin/clang++ --sysroot=$(WASMCEPTION)/sysroot/ hi.cpp -o hi.wasm -nostartfiles -Wl,--no-entry,--export=bar -fno-exceptions



will not require you to define the
function, but will be looking for the
function: use
clang (linker) option to avoid specified entry point. As alternative, you can add
void _start() {}
extern "C" void _start() { }
in C++) to make linker happy due to

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