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Netflix like full-stack application with SPA client and backend implemented in service oriented architecture

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Netflix Clone

  • Checkout branch "React-View" for frontend only Netflix Clone with React Redux

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Tech Stack

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Tech Stack

Implementation Highlights

  • single page application web client with React & Redux
  • service oriented architecure backend
  • REST for client server communication, JSON RPC for inter service communication
  • scrape raw movie data from imdb
  • provides processed imdb movies data with our movie service API
  • persisted ElasticSearch for movie's database for optimized searching capability
  • PostgreSQL for user's database

User Stories

  • users can register and log in to their account
  • landing page has collections of movie for recommendations
  • users can search for movies
  • users can browse search result by pages
  • users can select and view details of a movie
  • users can see his/her history of browsed movie
  • users can add or remove movie to his/her bookmark

Current Plans for Expansion

  • containerize services and database with Docker

Future Plans for Expansion

  • seperate search into its own service that utilize ElasticSearch, use MongoDB as persisted database for movie-service and sync data between ElasticSearch and MongoDB
  • Machine Learning recommendation system?
  • Machine Learning classification for recommended movie collections?
  • scrape and stream videos for movies?

Getting Started


!important .env file is required for setting up environment variables for this project
an example of .env file is located at root directory

Tools & Versions

| Tools | Versions | | ------------- | -------- | | npm | 6.1.0 | | pip | 9.0.1 | | nodejs | 10.7.0 | | python | 2.7 | | elasticsearch | 6.3.1 | | postgres | 10.5 |

Building Data Pipeline

Data Fetcher

  • install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • start scraper pipeline for fetching raw data from IMDB, process and store to ElasticSearch
cd data-pipeline/imdb_scraper
scrapy crawl "imdb_spider"

Serving Application

Movie Service

  • dependent on ElasticSearch as data source

  • install dependencies & start Movie-Service

cd movie-service
npm install
npm start

Application will be serving on http://localhost:3230

User Service

  • dependent on PostgreSQL as data source

  • install dependencies & start User-Service

cd user-service
npm install
npm start

Application will be serving on http://localhost:3130

Web Server

  • install dependencies & start Web-Server
cd web-server
npm install
npm start

Application will be serving on http://localhost:3030

Web Client

  • install dependencies & start application
cd web-client
npm install
npm start

Application will be serving on http://localhost:3000


  • Not setup yet


  • Yu Chiu


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Not setup yet

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