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☕️ A simple database shard middleware

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A simple database shard middleware, based on JDBC API. Applications can scale database by using new DataSource with simple-sharding. This project is not finished, and feel free to study.


  • Transaction in single database shard
  • Sharding
  • Rewriting rules

Quick Start

1. Get source code

git clone

and then execute

to init data.

2. Install simple-sharding to you local repository by

mvn clean install

3. Add artifact dependency


4. Set logic datasource and physic datasources

<hashshardingrule id="hashShardingRule" dbcount="2" tablecount="2" fieldnamefordb="role" fieldnamefortable="id"></hashshardingrule>

<logicdatasource id="dataSource" name="passport" shardingrule="hashShardingRule">
    <physicaldatasource name="passport_0" jdbcurl="jdbc:mysql://" user="root" password=""></physicaldatasource>
    <physicaldatasource name="passport_1" jdbcurl="jdbc:mysql://" user="root" password=""></physicaldatasource>

5. Feel free to use JDBC API or ORM framework (e.g. MyBatis ) to execute your SQL


Simple-Sharding 中文



  • [x] Support Spring custom namespace
  • [ ] Finish other methods
  • [ ] Support multiple tables in one datasource


Apache License, Version 2.0

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