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ūüĎľPolyglot implementations of "safadeza" calculus.

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Polyglot implementations of "safadeza" calculus.

Aquele 1%

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The Problem

Sometimes, you want to know how safad(o/a) - a Brazilian Portuguese word for naughty - someone is. A very popular Brazilian musician desbribes himself as being

an angelical and perfect person; but the other
is naughty - as you can see in the lyrics.

A very clever professor from a state university in Brazil proposed a way o calculing how safado some is based on his/her date of birth.

The magical formula needs:

  • A

    function which takes an
    a returns the sum of it with all its previous positive integers, e.g.
    sum(5) = 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1
  • A

    function which is given by:

safadeza = sum(month) + (year / 100) * (50 - day)
  • An
    function which is given by:

angel = 100 - safadeza

The last two functions MUST return a float

So this repo is for writing code that shows others how safado they are.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with c:


Where everything started.

The programming question which quotes Wesley Safad√£o and turned to be a hit on the web.

It all started when a professor from the Quixadá campus of the Federal University of Ceará - Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC) - Jefferson de Carvalho called everyone's attention by using a hit of the sertanejo and forró music to teach imperative programming logic to his students.

He was inspired by the song Aquele 1%, which is a success from the duo Marcos & Belutti featuring a very popular Brazilian musician, Wesley Safad√£o, to write his logical challenge.

If you'd like to find out more content about this funny story, there are lots of good resources on the web about it.


Basic Requirements

  • You MUST be listening to the music while coding.
  • If you have to stop listening, close the editor - your time is over!
  • Please, don' use tabs. Tabs are from Satan. Use spaces. - actually, just follow the basic styleguide.

Adding a New Implementation

  1. Just think of your own interpretation of the problem.
  2. Check if anyone has suggested this before here.
  3. Fork this project!
  4. Create a new folder with the name of the language you've used in your solution, e.g.
  5. If the language you want to implement already has an implemention, make
    in the folder!
  6. Put the implementation and the example in separated files.
  7. Tick the language - with
    - [x]
    in GitHub Flavored Markdown - in which you've implemented here.
  8. Commit your changes:
    git commit -m 'Add JavaScript version'
  9. Push to the branch:
    git push origin master
  10. Submit a pull request :)

If you'd like to contribute with a language in which the algorithm has already been implemented - but you have a new/special/different/whatever way of making -, you can make it! Just create a new folder inside the folder of the language, e.g.


Adding a New Language

  1. Check if anyone has suggested this before here.
  2. Fork this project!
  3. Add the language to the languages tracking file - don't forget to obey alphabetical order.
  4. Commit your changes:
    git commit -m 'Add JavaScript to listed languages'
  5. Push to the branch:
    git push origin master
  6. Submit a pull request :)


You can check a list of languages in which the problem's been implemented - or should've been - here.


This project may seem useless, but, amazingly, it is not.

In about two days it achieved something interesting: a deterministic algorithm said to be simple which when implemented in 40+ languages, tells us a lot! E.g.

So the lesson is: that kind of initiative shows us that in modern times not only with FizzBuzz-alike implementations you can learn programming logic/languages/ paradigms.


safad√īmetro is distributed under the MIT License, available in this repository. All contributions are assumed to be also licensed under the MIT License.

Wesley Oliveira da Silva, also known as Wesley Safad√£o, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer, and businessman. The safad√īmetro project does not have any rights over anything related to the him; images, logos, and everything related to the him have All Rights Reserved to Wesley Safad√£o & Banda Garota Safada.

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