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Yii 3 demo application

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Yii Framework

Yii Framework Demo Project

[Yii Framework] is a modern framework designed to be a solid foundation for your PHP application.

It's intended to show and test all Yii features.

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You'll need PHP 7.4. Additionally, NodeJs is used in this repository to fetch assets, so it should be installed.

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Configure
    . You can skip this step.
  3. Run
    composer install
    in project root directory.
  4. Run
    ./vendor/bin/yii serve
    or start your web-server setting up
    directory as webroot.
  5. Go to index page. Cycle ORM will create tables, indexes and relations automatically in the configured DB. If you want to disable this behavior then comment out line with
    in the
    . In this case you should create migrations to sync changes of entities with DB.
    1. Run
      ./vendor/bin/yii fixture/add 20
      to create some random data.


Console works out of the box and could be executed with


Some commands:

fixture/add [count]

In order to register your own commands, add them to


Web application

In order to run web application either built-in web server could be used by running

./vendor/bin/yii serve
or a real web server could be pointed to

More routes could be added by editing


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