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Imperavi Redactor WYSIWYG widget (OEM-licensed for Yii)

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Imperavi Redactor Widget

is a wrapper for Imperavi Redactor, a high quality WYSIWYG editor.

Note that Imperavi Redactor itself is a proprietary commercial copyrighted software but since Yii community bought OEM license you can use it for free with both Yii 1.1.x and Yii 2.0.x.

This repository contains an extension for 1.1.x. For 2.0.x check


First, import the widget class file


Next, call the widget:

$this->widget('ImperaviRedactorWidget', array(
    // You can either use it for model attribute
    'model' => $my_model,
    'attribute' => 'my_field',

// or just for input field
'name' => 'my_input_name',

// Some options, see
'options' => array(
    'lang' => 'ru',
    'toolbar' => false,
    'iframe' => true,
    'css' => 'wym.css',


Alternatively you can attach Redactor to already existing DOM element by calling:

$this->widget('ImperaviRedactorWidget', array(
    // The textarea selector
    'selector' => '.redactor',
    // Some options, see
    'options' => array(),

The redactor plugins plugged in with packages of resources.

$this->widget('ImperaviRedactorWidget', array(
    'selector' => '.redactor',
    'options' => array(
        'lang' => 'ru',
    'plugins' => array(
        'fullscreen' => array(
            'js' => array('fullscreen.js',),
        'clips' => array(
            // You can set base path to assets
            'basePath' => 'application.components.imperavi.my_plugin',
            // or url, basePath will be ignored.
            // Defaults is url to plugis dir from assets
            'baseUrl' => '/js/my_plugin',
            'css' => array('clips.css',),
            'js' => array('clips.js',),
            // add depends packages
            'depends' => array('imperavi-redactor',),

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