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R Markdown output formats for storytelling

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Rolldown is an R Markdown extension that builds scroll-driven HTML documents for storytelling, a.k.a scrollytelling, powered by JavaScript libraries. Currently, only Scrollama is supported.


# Install from GitHub

Get started

You can get started with some built-in R Markdown templates in this package. If you use the RStudio IDE, you can create a new R Markdown document from

File -> New File -> R Markdown -> From Template
. Then find a rolldown template from the list. If you do not use RStudio, you may use the
function to create a new R Markdown document, e.g.,
# the basic style
rmarkdown::draft('story.Rmd', template = 'scrollama-document', package = 'rolldown')

the sidebar layout

rmarkdown::draft('story.Rmd', template = 'scrollama-sidebar', package = 'rolldown')

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