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Cross-platform GUI framework in


Live demo in WebGL 

.. image:: ./doc/sample-screenshot.png


.. code-block:: nim

# File: main.nim
import nimx/window
import nimx/text_field

proc startApp() = # First create a window. Window is the root of view hierarchy. var wnd = newWindow(newRect(40, 40, 800, 600))

# Create a static text field and add it to view hierarchy
let label = newLabel(newRect(20, 20, 150, 20))
label.text = "Hello, world!"

Run the app

runApplication: startApp()


.. code-block:: sh

nim c -r --threads:on main.nim

Supported target platforms

Nimx officially supports Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Javascript (with Nim JS backend) and Asm.js/WebAssembly (with Nim C backend and



Nimx is tested only against the latest devel version of Nim compiler. Before reporting any issues please verify that your Nim is as fresh as possible.

Running nimx samples

.. code-block:: sh

git clone
cd nimx
nimble install -dy
nake # Build and run on the current platform
# or
nake js # Build and run in default web browser



the docs <.>
_ for more information.

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