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Color scheme for UI design.

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Open color

Open color is an open-source color scheme optimized for UI like font, background, border, etc.


  • All colors shall have adequate use
  • Provide general color for UI design
  • All colors will be beautiful in itself and harmonious
  • At the same brightness level, the perceived brightness will be constant


  • The colors are subject to change in the future. Thus, using an Open color as a main identity color is not recommended.

Available Colors

available colors


$ npm install open-color
$ bower install open-color

Currently Supported Formats

css, sass, less, styl, json, svg, tex, oco(Open Color Tools), rcpx(PowerPaint), sketchpalette(Sketch), inkscape, aco, clr

Variable Convention

Sass, SCSS








  • oc
    : Abbreviation for Open color
  • (color)
    : Color name such as gray, red, lime, etc.
  • (number)
    : 0 to 9. Brightness spectrum.

How to Use

Import the file to your project and use the variables.

Example for Sass, SCSS

@import 'path/open-color';

.body { background-color: $oc-gray-0; color: $oc-gray-7; }

a { color: $oc-teal-7;

&:hover, &:focus, &:active { color: $oc-indigo-7; } }

Example for Less

@import 'path/open-color';

.body { background-color: @oc-gray-0; color: @oc-gray-7; }

a { color: @oc-teal-7;

&:hover, &:focus, &:active { color: @oc-indigo-7; } }

Example for Stylus

@import 'path/open-color.styl'

.body background-color: oc-gray-0 color: oc-gray-7

a color: oc-teal-7

&:hover &:focus &:active color: oc-indigo-7

Example for CSS

@import 'path/open-color.css';

.body { background-color: var(--oc-gray-0); color: var(--oc-gray-7); }

a { color: var(--oc-teal-7); }

a:hover, a:focus, a:active { color: var(--oc-indigo-7); }


Check out the list below.

Color Value

  • open-color.json
    • Change and
      $ npm run compile-templates
  • docs/asset/download/open-color_*.*.*.aco
  • docs/asset/download/open-color_*.*.*.clr
  • Adobe library (admin rights)

Version Number

  • package.json
  • docs/asset/download/open-color_*.*.*.aco
  • Adobe library (admin rights)


  • docs/documents.html



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