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PwnMachine (v2)

PwnMachine is a self hosting solution based on docker aiming to provide an easy to use pwning station for bug hunters.

The basic install include a web interface, a DNS server and a reverse proxy.



To use the PwnMachine, you don't need many prerequisites. You just need to have docker on your machine. We do not provide a tutorial for installing Docker, you can find all the useful information here:


Using Docker

  1. Clone the repository locally on your machine
git clone
  1. Enter in the repository previously cloned
cd pwn-machine/

Configure the .env

If you start to build direclty the project, you will be faced with an error:

${LETS_ENCRYPT_EMAIL?Please provide an email for let's encrypt}" # Replace with your email address or create a .env file

We highly recommend to create a

file in the PwnMachine directory and to configure an email. It's used for let's encrypt to have a SSL certificate.
LETS_ENCRYPT_EMAIL="[email protected]"


  1. Build the project (using option
    will start the project in background, it's optional). Building can take several minutes (depending on your computer and network connection).
docker-compose up --build -d
  1. Once everything is done on docker side, you should be able to access on the PwnMachine at
Starting pm_powerdns-db_1   ... done
Starting pm_redis_1         ... done
Starting pm_powerdns_1      ... done
Starting pm_filebeat_1      ... done
Recreating traefik          ... done
Recreating pm_manager_1     ... done

Check the wiki for more informations.

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