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Online store in react, redux, webpack

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Install nodejs

Install mongodb

Run project

npm install
npm run add-db (for adding initial data)
npm start

Run tests

npm test

Fill db

npm run add-db


  • [x] React
  • [x] Redux
  • [x] GraphQL
  • [x] Immutable
  • [x] Babel 6
  • [x] Webpack
  • [x] Webpack-dev-server
  • [x] express
  • [x] Mongoose
  • [x] react-bootstrap
  • [x] react-redux
  • [x] sass
  • [x] and other ...


  • Project represents internet shop. It can easy help people to understand above mentioned technologies. Or just use it as boilerplate in their projects.

Open for PRs :+1:

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