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A simple boilerplate for web apps with React, Babel, and Rollup.

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babel-react-rollup-starter Build Status npm version Standard - JavaScript Style Guide

A simple boilerplate for web apps with React, Babel, and Rollup.


Via npm into a fresh project:

npm i babel-react-rollup-starter

Or using Git:

git clone
cd babel-react-rollup-starter
npm i

For a faster installation, use yarn instead of npm.



Running the following command will open your default browser to

. Thanks to Browsersync, any modifications inside
trigger a browser refresh:
npm start

To generate a development bundle:

npm run build:dev


  1. First run the following command:
 npm run build
  1. Open
    in your browser.

The Rollup production configuration file changes

to production and minifies the code with UglifyJS.


The code quality is checked by the JavaScript Standard Style.


Released under the MIT license by Davy Duperron.

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