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gin auto binding,grpc, and annotated route,gin 注解路由, grpc,自动参数绑定工具

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Automatic parameter binding base on go-gin




Golang gin automatic parameter binding

  • Support for RPC automatic mapping
  • Support object registration
  • Support annotation routing
  • base on go-gin on json restful style
  • implementation of parameter filtering and binding with request
  • code registration simple and supports multiple ways of registration
  • grpc-go bind support
  • Support swagger MORE
  • Support markdown/mindoc MORE
  • Support call before and after deal(

  • DEMO


API details

Three interface modes are supported

  • func(*gin.Context) // go-gin Raw interface

func(*api.Context) // Custom context type

  • func(*api.Context,req) // Custom context type,with request


  • func(gin.Context,req) // go-gin context,with request


  • func(gin.Context,req)(*resp,error) // go-gin context,with request,return parameter and error ==> grpc-go


一. Parameter auto binding,Object registration (annotation routing)

Initialization project (this project is named after

``` go mod init gmsec ```

coding more>>

package main

import ( "fmt" "net/http"

_ "gmsec/routers" // Debug mode requires adding [mod] / routes to register annotation routes.debug模式需要添加[mod]/routers 注册注解路由
"" // swagger 支持



type ReqTest struct { Access_token string json:"access_token" UserName string json:"user_name" binding:"required" // With verification mode Password string json:"password" }

// Hello ... type Hello struct { }

// Hello Annotated route (bese on beego way) // @Router /block [post,get] func (s *Hello) Hello(c *api.Context, req *ReqTest) { fmt.Println(req) c.JSON(http.StatusOK, "ok") }

// Hello2 Route without annotation (the parameter is 2 default post) func (s *Hello) Hello2(c *gin.Context, req ReqTest) { fmt.Println(req) c.JSON(http.StatusOK, "ok") }

// grpc-go // with request,return parameter and error // TestFun6 Route without annotation (the parameter is 2 default post) func TestFun6(c *gin.Context, req ReqTest) (*ReqTest, error) { fmt.Println(req) //c.JSON(http.StatusOK, req) return &req, nil }

func main() {

// swagger
myswagger.SetSchemes(true, false)
// -----end --
base := ginrpc.New()
router := gin.Default() // or router :=  gin.Default().Group("/xxjwxc")
base.Register(router, new(Hello)) // object register like(go-micro)
router.POST("/test6", base.HandlerFunc(TestFun6))                            // function register
base.RegisterHandlerFunc(router, []string{"post", "get"}, "/test", TestFun6) 


- Annotation routing related instructions

// @Router /block [post,get]
@Router tag  
/block router 
[post,get] method 

  • @Router - [-]
    indicates ignore

#### Note: if there is no annotation route in the object function, the system will add annotation route by default. Post mode: with req (2 parameters (CTX, req)), get mode is a parameter (CTX)

1. Annotation route will automatically create
file, which needs to be added when calling:

_ "[mod]/routers" // Debug mode requires adding [mod] / routes to register annotation routes


By default, the [gen_router. Data] file will also be generated in the root directory of the project (keep this file, and you can embed it without adding the above code)

2. way of annotation route :

more to saying  [gmsec](

3. Parameter description

ginrpc.WithCtx : Set custom context

ginrpc.WithDebug(true) : Set debug mode

ginrpc.WithOutDoc(true) : output markdown/swagger api doc

ginrpc.WithBigCamel(true) : Set big camel standard (false is web mode, _, lowercase)

ginrpc.WithBeforeAfter(&ginrpc.DefaultGinBeforeAfter{}) : Before After call


4. Execute curl to automatically bind parameters. See the results directly

  curl '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"access_token":"111", "user_name":"222", "password":"333"}'
  curl '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"access_token":"111", "user_name":"222", "password":"333"}'

二. swagger/markdown/mindoc Document generation description

    ginrpc.WithOutDoc(true) : output markdown/swagger

1.For object registration 'ginrpc. Register' mode, document export is supported

2.Export supports annotation routing, Parameter annotation and default value (
tag '.

3.Default export path:(

4 struct demo

type ReqTest struct {
    AccessToken string `json:"access_token"`
    UserName    string `json:"user_name" binding:"required"` // 带校验方式
    Password    string `json:"password"`

三. Support to call Middleware

  • using
  • You can also implement functions (single types) on objects
    // GinBeforeAfter Execute middleware before and after the object call (support adding the object separately from the object in total)
    type GinBeforeAfter interface {
        GinBefore(req *GinBeforeAfterInfo) bool
        GinAfter(req *GinBeforeAfterInfo) bool

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

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