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CenterNet (Objects as Points) implementation in Keras and Tensorflow

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This is an implementation of CenterNet for object detection on keras and Tensorflow. The project is based on fizyr/keras-retinanet and the official implementation xingyizhou/CenterNet. Thanks for their hard work.

The network is anchor-free. It is quite simple, fast and accurate.


  1. I trained on Pascal VOC2012 trainval.txt + Pascal VOC2007 train.txt, and validated on Pascal VOC2007 val.txt. There are 14041 images for training and 2510 images for validation.
  2. The best evaluation results (scorethreshold=0.01, fliptest=True, nms=True) on VOC2007 test are:

| backbone | mAP50 | | ---- | ---- | | resnet50 | 0.7290 |

  1. The weights of resnet backbones can be downloaded from fizyr/keras-models.
    Pretrained centernet model is here. baidu netdisk extract code: pti9 google driver
  2. python3
    to test your image by specifying image path and model path there.

image1 image2 image3


build dataset (Pascal VOC, other types please refer to fizyr/keras-retinanet)

  • Download VOC2007 and VOC2012, copy all image files from VOC2007 to VOC2012.
  • Append VOC2007 train.txt to VOC2012 trainval.txt.
  • Overwrite VOC2012 val.txt by VOC2007 val.txt. ### train
  • STEP1:
    python3 --freeze-backbone --gpu 0 --random-transform --compute-val-loss --batch-size 32 --steps 1000 pascal datasets/VOC2012
    to start training. The init lr is 1e-3 and decays to 1e-4 when loss stops dropping down.
  • STEP2:
    python3 --snapshot xxx.h5 --gpu 0 --random-transform --compute-val-loss --batch-size 32 --steps 1000 pascal datasets/VOC2012
    to start training when val mAP can not increase during STEP1. The init lr is 1e-4 and decays to 1e-5 when loss stops dropping down. ## Evaluate
  • python3 eval/
    to evaluate by specifying model path there.


This project is released under the Apache License. Some parts are borrowed from fizyr/keras-retinanet and xingyizhou/CenterNet. Please take their licenses into consideration too when use this project.

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