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This program is an non-object oriented opensource, hidden and undetectable backdoor/reverse shell/RA...

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Python Backdoor

This program is an non-object oriented opensource, hidden and undetectable backdoor/reverse shell/RAT for Windows made in Python 3 which contains many features such as multi-client support and cross-platform server.



You will need:

  1. Downloaded the repository via github or git eg.
    git clone
  2. Install the required modules by running
    python -m pip install -r requirements.txt


Currently this program has several features such as:

  • Multi-client support
  • Cross-platform server
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • Built-in keylogger
  • Ability to send command to all clients
  • Ability to capture screenshots
  • Ability to upload/download files
  • Ability to send messages
  • Ability to run at startup
  • Ability to browse files
  • Ability to dump user info
  • Ability to open remote cmd
  • Ability to open remote python interpreter
  • Ability to disable task manager
  • Ability to shutdown/restart/lock pc
  • Ability to melt file on startup
  • Checking for multiple instances
  • VM/sandboxie check
  • And more...

Quick Usage

  1. Run
    and follow the directions on screen to build the client to .exe.
  2. Check the
    folder for the .exe.
  3. Disable your firewall on the server or configure your firewall to allow port 3000.
  4. Run the
    to start accepting connections.

If you plan on using the program outside of your network, you must port forward port 3000.

For more information on doing everything manually please refer to the instructable.


If you need any help at all, feel free to post a "help" issue.


Contributing is encouraged and will help make a better program. Please refer to this before contributing.


This program must be used for legal purposes! I am not responsible for anything you do with it.



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