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h1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading the XLsuite code base.

XLsuite started it's days in 2005 as a business management platform for my Christmas lighting company "":

The goal was to provide a business management system that could be expanded to service installers in other parts of the country as my business grew.

As it evolved, we designed it in a way that was more generic so that it would fit the needs of other businesses outside the scope of just lighting installers.

In 2007, "Rick Stonehouse":, a Vancouver real estate agent got involved in the project and had us add functionality relating to managing his real estate business, which is where the real estate listings manager came from.

At the time of this writing (Jan 2009) XLsuite runs a growing network of community focused websites for Rick as well as business websites for dozens of clients in multiple business verticals including Fisheries, Contracting, Real Estate, Hospitality, Publishing, Arts, Health, Internet Marketing, Education, Media and Manufacturing.

The platform has been designed to encompass many of the best practices around marketing and client management including many social media functions, e-commerce and communications modules.

h1. Dual Licenses

The application is licensed under a dual license, both a GPL v.2 open source license as well as having a commercial license available for those interested in commercializing the application.

This is part of a Win / Win philosophy that encourages benefits for designers and developers who can share in the fruits of our labors as long as they also share their work, or some of the financial gain they derive from our efforts.

We encourage everyone to explore our partner program which is designed to provide a revenue sharing model that pays ongoing dividends from income generating work that you have contributed.

The intent of the GPL license is to allow designers and developers to examine the code and it's suitability for a commercial project as well as to encourage the growth of the code base and the number of developers that are familiar with, and available to extend the application for interested clients.

It also allows organizations a way to implement the code on their own servers if they are interested in hosting it outside of our managed environment. This is allowed as long as they are not reselling hosted accounts or repackaging the code for sale. We encourage developers that would like to sell hosted solutions to their clients to explore either our resellers license, or our partnership program which is designed to leverage our experience maintaining the application and the availability of the newest code base as new features are implemented.

Those who would like to extend it's functionality under a suitable open source license are free to do so as long as they maintain an open source license with the new application they've forked and make all their code freely available to the community.

If you derive commercial benefits from this software such as reselling it as is or in an extended or repackaged form, or by operating a software as a service hosting solution with it, we require that you either purchase a commercial license for it, or use our partner program to host your solution on our service.

You can find out more about our license options by visiting

Information about our partner program can be found at

h1. The Company

XLsuite is a product of iXLd Media Inc, a Vancouver based company whose main focus is developing XLsuite and implementing it in various vertical markets. Besides having a crack team of rails coders we are skilled at product and domain development, web strategy and Search Engine Optimization, all of which have been "baked in" to the XLsuite foundation.

We believe in Win/Win relationships, the power of open source, clear communication and hard work. We don't like negative people and we're selective about the projects we take on and the people we work with.

h1. Core Team

The core application was first developed by "François Beausoleil": The other core team members include Harman Sandjaja and Spencer Shek programming with Ruby. Ionut Maxim working on design and Madalin Sandu working on CSS and JS implementations.

I am "Riel Roussopoulos":, CEO of iXLd Media Inc.

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