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SLAM optimization algorithm

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AprilSAM: Real-time Smoothing and Mapping

Paper: AprilSAM: Real-time Smoothing and Mapping


Tutorial NoteBook

Copyright APRIL Lab.


The default installation will place headers in /usr/local/include and shared library in /usr/local/lib. It also installs a pkg-config script into /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig.

$ make
$ sudo make install


A basic AprilSAM application can be seen in

Create a graph:

april_graph_t *graph = april_graph_create();

Initialize optimize parameters:

struct april_graph_cholesky_param *chol_param = calloc(1,sizeof(april_graph_cholesky_param_t));
chol_param->show_timing = 0; //
chol_param->delta_xy = 0.1;
chol_param->delta_theta = 0.1;
chol_param->nthreshold = 100;

Add xyt node:

double ninit[3]  = { 0,0,0 };
double nstate[3] = { 0,0,0 };
double ntruth[3] = { 0,0,0 };
april_graph_node_t *node = april_graph_node_xyt_create(nstate, ninit, ntruth);
node->UID = zarray_size(graph->nodes);
zarray_add(graph->nodes, &node);

Add xyt factor:

april_graph_node_t *na, *nb*;
zarray_get(graph->nodes, aidx, &na);
zarray_get(graph->nodes, bidx, &na);
matd_t *W = matd_create(3,3);
MATD_EL(W, 0, 0) = 1.0 / pow(0.1, 2);
MATD_EL(W, 1, 1) = 1.0 / pow(0.1, 2);
MATD_EL(W, 2, 2) = 1.0 / pow(to_radians(1), 2);
april_graph_factor_t *factor = april_graph_factor_xyt_create(na->UID, nb->UID, z, NULL, W);
zarray_add(graph->factors, &factor);

Cholesky optimization:

void april_graph_cholesky(graph, chol_param);

AprilSAM increnmetal optimization:

void april_graph_cholesky_inc(graph, chol_param);

Graph Chi^2 error: (f(x)-z)^T \Sigma^-1 (f(x)-z)

double april_graph_chi2(graph);

An example of saving and loading graph file can be seen in

Save a graph:

void april_graph_save(april_graph_t *graph, const char *path)

Load a graph:

april_graph_t* april_graph_create_from_file(const char *path)

An example of saving and retrieving graph/node/factor attributes can be seen in

Add attributes:

void april_graph_attr_put(april_graph_t *graph, const stype_t *type, const char *key, void *data)
void april_graph_node_attr_put(april_graph_node_t *node, const stype_t *type, const char *key, void *data)
void april_graph_factor_attr_put(april_graph_factor_t *factor, const stype_t *type, const char *key, void *data)

Get attributes:

void* april_graph_attr_get(april_graph_t * graph, const char * key)
void* april_graph_node_attr_get(april_graph_t * graph, const char * key)
void* april_graph_factor_attr_get(april_graph_t * graph, const char * key)

An example of evaluting AprilSAM on Manhattan3500 dataset can be seen in

Test aprilsam optimization (Load an AprilSAM graph file):


Test aprilsam optimization (Load a text file):

./aprilsam_demo --datapath ../data/M3500.txt

Test batch update only step by step optimization:

./aprilsam_demo --datapath ../data/M3500.txt --batch_update_only

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