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热插拔,高灵活的网络层解决方案(A Dancing HTTP request framework)

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A dancing HTTP request framework base on AFNetworking 3.x for iOS & MacOS


  • Promise
  • Cache
  • Asynchronous Model Serializing
  • Request Log convenient for Debug
  • Request Exception Catching


  • Add HTTP finder to your project.
  • Add AFNetworking & YYCache to your podfile. (YYCache is a default cache service and you can use your own cache service by implementing CCCacheProtocol protocol, CocoaLumberjack is recommendatory Log framework but you can ignore it too)


Dancing with promice


// Start first request task.^id(id data){

// Get result(`Model` or `RawData`) finish by first task.
// Then start sencond request task within promise.


},^id(CCResponseError *reason){

// If some bad things happend to first task you can catch it in this scope.
// But the error can't stop the promise chain.
// Exception(or some thing) will send to next promise(if exist) in return value.

return reason;

}).then(^id(id data){

// Got result(`Model` or `RawData` or `Exception`) finish by previous promise.
// Then start third request task within promise.
// The result finish by third task will not be deal by Fornt End (Just send to server whithout care succeed or not).

return [[[SamplePHPRequest new] bindRequestArgument:nil] promise];


// start primise chain^id(id data) {

// Get result(`Model` or `RawData`) finish by first promised task.
// These scope will never get errors.    

// Send data to next node in promise chain encapsulated in return value
return data;

}).next(^id(id data){

// Get result finish by previous promised node.    
// Then start third request task within promise.


}).next(^id(id data) {

// Get result(`Model` or `RawData`) finish by previous promised node.    
CCLogInfo(@"Promise chain succeed");

// Must return something, but will not sent to the `catch` node
return data;

}).catch(^(CCResponseError *reason) {

// If some bad things happend to `the whole promise chain`, you can catch it in this scope.
// Peomise chain will be interrupted when catching any exception, 
// which meanse the rest of promise nodes will not be excuted forever.

CCLogError(@"Promise chain failed: %@",reason);



[CCPromise all:@[,]].then(^id(id data) {

// If all of the promsie succeed, you can catch their result in this scope.
// The data is an unordered array.
// Maybe Dictionary is more appropriate, the key is ordered by index in promises.

CCLogInfo(@"Get data: %@",data);

// Must return something.
// I want to optimize it, please send me any suggestions.
return CCPromise.fulfilled;

}, ^id(CCResponseError *reason) {

// If some bad things happend to `any promise in anof the promise`, you can catch it in this scope.
CCLogError(@"Catched Error: %@",reason);
return CCPromise.rejected;


Normal Way

SamplePHPRequest *request = [SamplePHPRequest new];
[[request requestWithSuccess:^(id result, CCRequest *request) {

} failure:^(CCResponseError *error, CCRequest *request) { CCLogInfo(@"Never invoke the callback if you cancel the request"); }] appendAccessory:self];

Surported Cache Policy

typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, CCRequestCachePolicy) {

// Request server immediately

// Searching cache data first, return if hited data; otherwise request server data

// Searching cache data first, invoke callbacks if hited data
// No matter succeed or not we request server data

// Request server data first, searching cache data if failed


// Cache Hitting Policy:

typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, CCReturnCachePolicy) {

// hit by fire time

// hit by revalidating fired time if exist


// Cache Write Policy:

typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, CCDataCachePolicy) {

// Cache Models 
// Implement NSCoding protocol if you use the default cache service

// Cache raw data
// JSON object for CCResponseSerializerTypeJSON
// RawData for CCResponseSerializerTypeRawData


Other advantages

  • Surporting implement your request custom validator
  • Surporting custom authorization or HTTP header
  • Saving your time when facing to dazzling server frameworks

Sample Codes

Time to Fill knife

  • Please check CCRequest for more details
  • The most recommend way is creating your own Base Class recommend inheritedCCCacheRequest
  • There are many places need to optimize.Welcome to create ISSUE or send me a emial. My original intention is resove
    the vast majority of Networking Request
    , and I am eager for communicating with your design philosophy.


  • Mock solution


CCRequest is release under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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