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πŸ“‡ A little directory of people's personal sites

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Personal sites are rad, so this project was built so we can all discover each other's, gain inspiration, and rally around the cause of the mighty personal site!

πŸ“‡ Adding your own site

Want to add your site? We'd love your contribution. Go ahead and follow these steps, and reach out if you have any trouble with this!

  1. 🍴Fork this repository.

  2. πŸ“ Add a new

    file in
    that is

    For example:
  3. πŸ–‹Fill out the details. Here's the template:

    title: ''
    url: ''
    tags: ['web designer', 'writer']
    updatesFeed: ''
    nsfw: false
    rss: true
  4. πŸ–₯ Create a pull request and after your site has been approved by an admin, it'll appear on!

πŸ“„ Contributions

Got an idea for an enhancement? Awesome β€” don't be shy about creating an issue, or even opening a pull request, if you're feeling ambitious. I'd welcome the assist!

πŸ—£ Colophon

This project was originally created by the GOAT Andy Bell, and is lately maintained by Henry Desroches.

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