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An Smooth and silky signature pad for android

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A smooth and silky signature pad for android.

app screenshot


Method added *

getCompressedSignatureBitmap(int compressLevel)
- compressLeven is from 1-100, which mean compress percentage of bitmap *
getFixedSizeSignatureBitmap(int desiredWidth)
- desiredWidth is target width, which would adjust height automatically *
getFixedSizeSignatureBitmap(int desiredWidth,int desiredHeight)
- desiredWidth is target width and desiredHeight is target height

Bug fixed * SVG double click bug fixed


Download SilkySignature or grab via Gradle:

implementation 'com.williamww:silky-signature:0.1.0'


You MUST request runtime permission when you are trying to save the signature image on version 6.0 or higher!


Add this to layout file ```xml


Control in code ```java

mSignaturePad = (SignaturePad) findViewById(; mSignaturePad.setOnSignedListener(new SignaturePad.OnSignedListener() { @Override public void onSigned() { //Event triggered when the pad is signed }

@Override public void onClear() { //Event triggered when the pad is cleared } }); ``

To get signature image
- A signature bitmap with a white background.
- A signature bitmap with a transparent background.
getSignatureSvg()` - A signature Scalable Vector Graphics document in svg format.

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