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  1. 64-ia-32-architectures-software-developer-manual-325462.pdf Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Combined Volumes: 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D

  2. BeginningLinuxProgramming3thEdition.pdf Beginning Linux Programming, 3rd Edition, Neil Matthew, Richard Stones

  3. BeginningLinuxProgramming4thEdition.pdf Beginning Linux Programming, 4rd Edition, Neil Matthew, Richard Stones

  4. The source code appeared in Beginning Linux Programming, 4rd Edition, Neil Matthew, Richard Stones

  5. Bruce.Eckel.Thinking.In.Java.4th.Edition.Dec.2007.eBook-BBL.pdf Thinking in Java, 4rd Edition, Bruce Eckel

  6. C_Programming.pdf C Programming,

  7. The source code appeared in The Standard C Library, P.J. Plauger

  8. CodingInterview.pdf Some Java solution of Leetcode problem

  9. Debug.Hacks 深入调试的技术和工具 中文版.pdf Debug Hacks 中文版, 深入调试的技术和工具, 吉岡弘隆, 大和一洋 等

    1. EffectiveawkProgramming4thEdition.pdf Effective awk Programming, Arnold Robbins
    2. FC任天堂红白机中文模拟器+500经典游戏大集合.rar
    3. GrowingObject-OrientedSoftwareGuidedbyTests.pdf Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests, Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce
    4. Hacking Vim 7.2.pdf Hacking Vim 7.2, Kim Schulz
    5. How-Google-Tests-Software.pdf How Google Tests Software, James Whittaker, Jason Arbon, Jeff Carollo
    6. LaTeX.pdf LaTex,
    7. LaTeX入门 刘海洋.pdf LaTeX 入门, 刘海洋
    8. Learning R.pdf Learning R, Richard Cotton
    9. LibreOfficeWriterGuide.pdf
    10. Linux System Programming, 2nd Edition.pdf Linux System Programming, 2nd Edition, Robert Love
    11. Linux.Command.Line.and.Shell.Scripting.Bible.2nd.edition.pdf Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 2nd Edition
    12. Linux.Command.Line.and.Shell.Scripting.Bible.May.2008.pdf Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, Richard Blum
    13. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell, Greg Kroah-Hartman
    14. LinuxKernelDevelopment3rdEdition.pdf Linux Kernel Development, 3rd Edition, Robert Love
    15. Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Edition.pdf Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Edition, Robert Mecklenburg
    16. Minixsrccode.pdf The source code of Minix operating system
    17. Nginx Module Extension.pdf Nginx Module Extension, Usama Dar
    18. O'Reilly - sed & awk 2nd Edition.pdf
    19. OReilly - Unix Power Tools.pdf
    20. Peopleware.Productive.Projects.and.Teams.3rd.2013.6.pdf Peopleware, 3rd Edition, Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister
    21. Practical.Subversion.2nd.Edition.Nov.2006.pdf Practical Subversion, 2nd Edition, Daniel Berlin, Garrett Rooney
    22. Pragmatic Guide to Subversion.pdf
    23. Pro Vim.pdf
    24. Programming Pearls2ed.pdf Programming Pearls, 2nd Edition
    25. Programming_pearls1ed.pdf Programming Pearls, 1st Edition
    26. PythonCookbook3rd.pdf Python Cook Book, 3rd Edition, David Beazley, Brian K. Jones
    27. R in Action.pdf
    28. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-5-DeploymentGuide-en-US.pdf
    29. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-DeploymentGuide-en-US.pdf
    30. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-DeveloperGuide-en-US.pdf
    31. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-InstallationGuide-en-US.pdf
    32. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-LogicalVolumeManagerAdministration-en-US.pdf
    33. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-ResourceManagement_Guide-en-US.pdf
    34. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-StorageAdministration_Guide-en-US.pdf
    35. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-SystemTapBeginners_Guide-en-US.pdf
    36. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-SystemTapTapset_Reference-en-US.pdf
    37. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-VirtualizationAdministration_Guide-en-US.pdf
    38. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-VirtualizationGettingStartedGuide-en-US.pdf
    39. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-6-VirtualizationHostConfigurationandGuestInstallation_Guide-en-US.pdf
    40. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-7-DesktopMigrationandAdministration_Guide-en-US.pdf
    41. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-7-DeveloperGuide-en-US.pdf
    42. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-7-KernelCrashDumpGuide-en-US.pdf
    43. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-7-NetworkingGuide-en-US.pdf
    44. RedHatEnterpriseLinux-7-SystemAdministrators_Guide-en-US.pdf
    45. RedHatOpenStackPlatform-8-Command-LineInterfaceReferenceGuide-en-US.pdf
    46. RedHatOpenStackPlatform-8-InstancesandImagesGuide-en-US.pdf
    47. RedHatOpenStackPlatform-8-NetworkingGuide-en-US.pdf
    48. RedHatOpenStackPlatform-8-RedHatOpenStackPlatformOperationalTools-en-US.pdf
    49. TCP.IP.Illustrated.Volume.1.The.Protocols.pdf TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols, 2nd Edition
    50. The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Edition.pdf
    51. The Linux Programming Interface.pdf
    52. The.Art.of.UNIX.Programming.pdf The Art of Unix Programming
    53. The.Art.of.Unit.Testing.pdf The Art of Unit Testing, 2nd Edition
    54. The.Linux.Programming.Interface.2010.10.pdf The Linux Programming Interface
    55. TheCompleteFreeBSD.pdf The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Edition, Tenth anniversary version, 24 February 2006, Greg Lehey
    56. TheGoProgrammingLanguage.pdf The Go Programming Language
    57. TheProductiveProgrammer.pdf The Productive Programmer, Neal Ford
    58. UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Third Edition, The Sockets Networking API.pdf
    59. UNIX Power Tools (3rd Edition).pdf
    60. UnderStandingKernel3ed.pdf Understanding the Linux Kernel, 3rd Edition
    61. UnixTextProcessing.pdf Unix Text Processing
    62. Unix内核源码剖析.pdf
    63. Vim7.2用户手册中文版.pdf
    64. WritingEfficientPrograms.pdf Writing Efficient Programs, Jon Bentley
    65. WritingSolidCode.pdf Writing Solid Code
    66. advancedlinuxprogram.pdf Advanced Linux Programming, Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex Samuel
    67. anAwkPrimer.pdf An Awk Primer
    68. appendixB The source code of Minix operating system
    69. apue Exercise of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
    70. apue-src.3e.tar.gz The source code appeared in Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 3rd Edition
    71. apue2nd.pdf Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 2nd Edition
    72. apue3rd.pdf Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 3rd Edition
    73. arplbaosong2gbklt.ttf Font
    74. awkcode.awk The source code appeared in The AWK Programming Lauguage
    75. c.pdf The C Programming Lauguage, 2nd Edition
    76. clib.pdf The Standard C Library, P.J. Plauger
    77. everyBodyLearnVim.pdf 大家來學 Vim, 李果正 Edward G.J. Lee
    78. examplesoflatex_入门.zip The source code appeared in Latex 入门
    79. expertCprogrammingDeepCsecrets.pdf Expert C Programming, Deep Csecrets, Peter van der Linden
    80. Font
    81. gawk.pdf GAWK: Effective AWK Programming, A User’s Guide for GNU Awk, 4.1 Edition
    82. git 中文版本.pdf Pro Git 中文版
    83. grap.pdf Grap — A Language for Typesetting Graphs Tutorial and User Manual
    84. grepPocket Reference.pdf Grep Pocket Reference
    85. intel80386programmer_manual.pdf INTEL 80386 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE MANUAL, 1986
    86. kanbanInAction.pdf Kanban In Action
    87. latex Exercise when reading LaTeX 入门
    88. latex-symbols-letter.pdf The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List
    89. ldd3.pdf Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition
    90. ldd3_pdf indivisual PDF of Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition
    91. leetcode-cpp.pdf Some C++ solution of Leetcode problem
    92. leetcode-solution.pdf Some solution of Leetcode problem
    93. linux-0.11 The source code of Linux v0.11
    94. linux-0.11-commented.rar The commented source code of Linux v0.11
    97. linux-0.11-gdb-rh9-050619.tar.gz
    98. linux-0.11.tar.gz
    99. linux-0.11withtool.tgz
    100. linux-0.11内核完全注释v1.9.5.pdf
    101. linux-0.11内核完全注释v3.pdf
    102. linux-0.11内核完全注释v3_part1.pdf
    103. linux-0.11内核完全注释v3_part2.pdf
    104. linux-0.11内核完全注释v3_part3.pdf
    105. linux-0.12.tar.gz
    106. linuxdriverdevel3rden.tar.bz2
    107. listings.pdf
    108. makefile.pdf
    109. mdframed.pdf
    110. mednafen.cfg
    111. minted.pdf
    112. minted_v2.pdf
    113. nvme_tutorial.pdf An NVM Express Tutorial
    114. osDesignImplementation3ed.pdf Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 3rd Edition
    115. osdesignandimplementationappendixB.tar.bz2
    116. practiceofpgramming.pdf The Practice of Programming
    117. pritical_vim.pdf Vim 实用技巧
    118. quilt.pdf Quilt Tutorial of Quilt
    119. rhel567cheatsheeta41114_jcs.pdf RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX 5, 6, AND 7 Common administrative commands
    120. sqlite_tutorial.pdf SQLite Tutorial
    121. ssh.tar
    122. subversion-version-control.pdf Subversion Version Control, Using The Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects
    123. svn_tutorial.pdf
    124. svnrpm.txt
    126. theAwkProgrammingLanguage.pdf The AWK Programming Language
    127. theAwkProgrammngLanguage.djvu The AWK Programming Language
    128. themythicalman-month.pdf The Mythical Man-month
    129. troff_tutorial.pdf
    130. trofftut.pdf
    131. ubuntuServerGuide.pdf Ubuntu Server Guide
    132. understandingKernel1ed.pdf Understanding the Linux Kernel
    133. unp The Exercise of Unix Network Programming
    134. unpv13ed_web.chm Unix Network Programming, Volumes 1, 3rd Edition
    135. unpv13e.tar.gz The source code appeared in Unix Network Programming, Volumes 1, 3rd Edition
    136. vbird.tgz 鸟哥的 Linux 私房菜
    137. versioncontrolby_example.pdf Version Control by Example
    138. vim.note Notes when learning Vim
    139. vim7.4UserManual.pdf Vim 7.4 User Manual
    140. vim7.4中文参考手册.pdf
    141. vim7.4中文用户手册.pdf
    142. The LaTeX source code of Vim 7.2 manual
    143. vimrc Personal Vim configuration
    144. vim文书编译器.odt
    145. xUnitTestPatternsRefactoringTestCode.pdf xUnit Test Patterns Refactoring Test Code
    146. 学习敏捷_构建高效团队.pdf
    147. 链接器与加载器.pdf

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