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SALVIA is the rasterizer based software renderer. The goal of SALVIA is capacity of Direct3D 10+.

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Project build guide


  • We would like to thank JetBrains for their donating licenses to their excellent products to develop Salvia.


  • In this project we are using:
    • PyCharm
    • CLion
    • Reshaper C++


  • Windows 10
    • Visual Studio 2019.
    • Python 3.5 or later
    • CMake 3.15+
  • Linux
    • Mint 16 and Mint 17 were tested.
    • GCC 8 or later.
    • Python 3.5 or later
    • CMake 3.15 or later

Build steps

  • Running for build, running benchmark or generating benchmark report CSV file. Example command lines: ** Build:
    python build salvia --build-root .\build --install-root . --arch x64 --toolset msvc-14.2 --toolset-dir D:\Software\VS2019\VC\Auxiliary\Build --build-config RelWithDebInfo --cmake D:\Software\CMake\bin\cmake.exe
    ** Run benchmark:
    python benchmark --binary-folder bin\ntx64_msvc142\RelWithDebInfo --git D:\Software\Git\git.exe --change-desc "Performance improved" --repeat 16
    ** Generate benchmark report:
    python bm_report
    • Run
      python --help
      to get more details.


  • While
    build was run, only one configuration was avaiable for build. For IDEs which support multiple configurations, such as Visual Studio, you need to run bootstrap several times to make the configurations available for building.

Support Info

  • If you have any question, please contact: wuye9036 at gmail dot com

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