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Convert Evernote .enex file to Markdown

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Evernote to Markdown converter

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Evernote2md is a CLI tool to convert Evernote notes exported in *.enex format to a directory with markdown files.

Key features:

  • Zero dependencies - download and run
  • Creates one markdown file per note
  • Converts attachments to files ( two directories will be created:
    for images and
    for other attachments e.g. pdf files )
  • Retains correct links to attachments
  • Inserts Evernote tags in notes as text entries with customizable formatting
  • Shows highlighted Evernote text
  • Sets file created and modified date equal to the note attributes


Using Homebrew package manager:

brew install evernote2md


Download the latest release for your OS.

Note for macOS users!

Please, check this wiki page if you have problems running the tool.

How to use

evernote2md (flags) [input] [outputDir]

can be a file, a directory with exported files, or a glob pattern (like
, for example).


is not specified,
is used. Add optional
flag to put every note in a separate folder.

An option

allows to change the way tags are formatted. See wiki article for more information.


shows all available options.

With Docker

docker run -t --rm -v "$PWD":/tmp -w /tmp wormi4ok/evernote2md:latest (flags) [input] [outputDir]

How to export notes from Evernote

Here is a link to an article in Evernote Help Center:

How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

Newer versions of the Evernote App do not allow selecting more than 50 notes at a time. Consider exporting entire Notebook instead.

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