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提供Android酷炫的开屏动画 (awesome-opening-animation)

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compile 'site.gemus:openingstartanimation:1.0.0' //在gradle中导入项目
OpeningStartAnimation openingStartAnimation = new OpeningStartAnimation.Builder(this)
                        .setDrawStategy(new NormalDrawStrategy()) //设置动画效果
OpeningStartAnimation openingStartAnimation = new OpeningStartAnimation.Builder(this)
                .setDrawStategy(new DrawStrategy() {
                    public void drawAppName(Canvas canvas, float fraction, String name, int colorOfAppName, WidthAndHeightOfView widthAndHeightOfView) {


                public void drawAppIcon(Canvas canvas, float fraction, Drawable icon, int colorOfIcon, WidthAndHeightOfView widthAndHeightOfView) {


                public void drawAppStatement(Canvas canvas, float fraction, String statement, int colorOfStatement, WidthAndHeightOfView widthAndHeightOfView) {


具体使用方法可见: 目前共有四种动画可供选择,欢迎来一起制作出更多的开屏动画效果!

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