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Maintain your CV in Markdown :sparkles:

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A curriculum vitae template that lets you write your cv in Markdown and supports both HTML and PDF output formats. To generate the cv, we use Jekyll.

The project is a fork from markdown-cv and the usage is essentially the same. We only provide an alternative styling theme.

See Live example of this template here.

Getting started

To start, simply fork the nimo-markdown-cv repo

Your resume content will be contained in
, which has an example cv. Start by modifying
! To see the result, you have two options:

Using Github Pages to publish it online

  1. Go to Settings of you git repo.
  2. In the Github Pages section, choose master branch, which will automatically build your cv and serve it on your free GitHub Pages website.
  3. Head to to see your beautiful CV.

Any change you want to make to your CV from then on would have to be done on the

branch and will be immediately rendered by Github Pages.

Build it locally and print a PDF

  1. install jekyll on your computer.
    gem install jekyll
    will do for most users.
  2. Clone your fork on your computer
  3. Type
    jekyll serve
    and you'll be able to see your CV on your local host (the default address is http://localhost:4000).
  4. You can edit the
    file and see changes live in your browser.
  5. To print a PDF, just press Print. Print and web CSS media queries should take care of the styling.

Build it locally by docker

  1. Clone your fork on your computer
  2. Type
    make build
    to set up service
  3. Type
    make start
    to start service, then your can open
    on your local host to see your CV
  4. You can edit the
    file and see changes live in your browser.
  5. Since the
    does not work well with this repo, try using Chrome's print feature, just right-click in your browser and click print tag

Generating PDFs in one command

You can optionally integrate jekyll-pdf to the package and automatically generate the PDF along with the HTML version. See more instructions in the repo. As of 02/07/2019,

does not work well with this repo.

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