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Remx is opinionated state-management library for React apps.

Website with getting started and docs:

  • Remx takes the redux (flux) architecture and enforces it using a small, simple, clean, and strict API:
    • state
    • setters
    • getters
    • observe
    • useConnect
  • almost zero boilerplate
  • zero impact on tests
    • can be added/removed as a plugin
    • does not impact any design decisions
  • implemented with
    , thus benefits from all the performance you get with
    • memoization
    • avoiding unnecessary re-renders
  • uses es6 Proxies (where possible)
    • avoids mobx's Observable wrappers which can cause weird behaviour and bugs


npm install remx


  • Create state


import * as remx from 'remx';

const initialState = { loading: true, posts: {},

selectedPosts: [], };

const state = remx.state(initialState);

  • Define setters and getters


import * as remx from 'remx';

const setters = remx.setters({

setLoading(isLoading) { state.loading = isLoading; },

addPost(post) { state.posts.push(post); }


const getters = remx.getters({

isLoading() { return state.loading; },

getPostsByIndex(index) { return state.posts[index]; }


export const store = { ...setters, ...getters, };

  • Use observer to force a component to re-render if store data was used during previous render.

import { observer } from 'remx';

class SomeComponent extends React.Component { render() { return (

); } }

export default observer(SomeComponent);

Also, works with functional components:

import { observer } from 'remx';

export default observer(props => (


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