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C++ File Download Library.

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1. Introduction

There are many mature and powerful download tools at present, such as

Free Download Manager
, etc. However when I want to find a library that support multiple protocols (such as http, ftp), multi-threaded download, breakpoint resume download, cross-platform, I realize that this is difficult to find a satisfactory library, especially developed by C++.

So I developed this download library named

based on libcurl, which can support the following features:

✅ Support Multi-protocol. Since teemo based on libcurl, so it supports all protocols that same as libcurl.

✅ Support multi-threaded download.

✅ Support breakpoint resume.

✅ Support for obtaining real-time download rate.

✅ Support download speed limit.

✅ Support disk cache.

2. Compile and Install

Method 1: Using with vcpkg


library has been included in Microsoft's vcpkg, you can use the following command to install
vcpkg install teemo:x86-windows

About vcpkg:

Method 2: Compile from source code

Step 1: Install dependencies

I prefer to use

to install dependencies. Of course, this is not the only way, you can install dependencies through any ways.
  • libcurl
# if you want support non-http protocol, such as ftp, the [non-http] option must be specified.
vcpkg install curl[non-http]:x86-windows
  • gtest

unit test project depend on gtest.

vcpkg install gtest:x86-windows

Step 2: Compile teemo

Firstly using CMake to generate project or makefile, then comiple it:

# Windows Sample
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 15 2017" -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -DBUILD_TESTS=ON -S %~dp0 -B %~dp0build

Linux Sample

cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -DBUILD_TESTS=ON make make install

3. Getting Started

#include "teemo.h"

int main(int argc, char** argv) { using namespace teemo;


Teemo efd;

efd.setThreadNum(10); // Optional efd.setTmpFileExpiredTime(3600); // Optional efd.setDiskCacheSize(20 * (2 << 19)); // Optional efd.setMaxDownloadSpeed(50 * (2 << 19)); // Optional efd.setHashVerifyPolicy(ALWAYS, MD5, "6fe294c3ef4765468af4950d44c65525"); // Optional, support MD5, CRC32, SHA256 efd.setVerboseOutput([](const utf8string& verbose) { // Optional printf("%s\n", verbose.c_str()); });

std::shared_future async_task = efd.start( u8"", u8"D:\test.exe", [](Result result) { // Optional // result callback }, [](int64_t total, int64_t downloaded) { // Optional // progress callback }, [](int64_t byte_per_secs) { // Optional // real-time speed callback });



return 0; }

4. Command-line tool

is command-line download tool based on


teemo_tool URL TargetFilePath [ThreadNum] [DiskCacheMb] [MD5] [TmpExpiredSeconds] [MaxSpeed]
  • URL: Download URL.
  • TargetFilePath: target file saved path.
  • ThreadNum: thread number, optional, default is
  • DiskCacheMb: Disk cache size(Mb), default is
  • MD5: target file md5, optional, if this value isn't empty, tools will check file md5 after download finished.
  • TmpExpiredSeconds: seconds, optional, the temporary file will expired after these senconds.
  • MaxSpeed: max download speed(byte/s).

5. Donate

This project does not accept donations, Thank you for your kindness, If you think this project helped you, you can give the project a star.

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